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Have y’all read the LDS Epistles? Some fellow law students helped me write them!https://emkulick.wordpress.com/2012/10/27/lds-epistles/

LDS Epistles
The text bellow is a compilation of most of the Facebook conversation threads I participated in during the appellate brief writing portion of law school this past spring. I delivered a bound copy t…
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  • Christopher Day Just be an atheist and stop worrying about it.
  • Erik Kulick Why do you assume I’m an atheist, Christopher?
  • Christopher Day I didn’t. But you should be.
  • Christopher Day Then you won’t have to worry about this kind of stuff
  • Erik Kulick Ah, but that’s where you’re wrong. My Mormon wife abducted the kids and moved back to UT. It’s this assumed “abdication of parental rights by apostate spouses” mentality found in these epistles that causes this kind of thing to happen.To be honest, I really don’t care if deity exists or not; I like the golden rule regardless of what awaits me.

  • Aaron Lenox Erik, I don’t know you but I feel saddened to hear that your wife left you and that you were excommunicated from your church. You seem upset, with lots to say. I have been a member of the church for over two decades. before then I went church to church. My life is so much better because of the church, its teachings, service opportunities, and fellow members. I am sorry that you have not found the same. I hope other areas of your life are a relief from these current difficulties. One of the best experiences of my life was baptizing my uncle who had been excommunicated over twenty years prior. I hope through repentance you are able to take what personal responsibility is yours and make your way back. A good friend once told me it does not matter how far away you may feel from The Lord because no matter where you are there is always a direct path back to him and that path is through the gift of repentance. I hope things improve for you and those you love in the coming days and months.
  • Erik Kulick For what should I repent, Aaron? I appreciate your kindness, but if anyone needs to repent it should be the leaders of the LDS organization who feel compelled to assault and legally threaten members of their organization who feel compelled to question and draw attention to serious issues that the church needs to address.https://emkulick.wordpress.com/about/


    I hope the LDS corp still stands behind their endorsement of me and overturns my excommunication by local leaders who assaulted me after my less than glowing review of their doctrinal practices in …
  • Aaron Lenox What issues do you feel need to be addressed?
  • Aaron Lenox keep in mind the church is theocratic rather then democratic. Any attempts to change church doctrine will not happen. The doctrine is viewed as Gods teachings and are as eternal and unchanging as He is. And despite modern trends and political changes the Church is unbending to personal opinion or societal pressure (which I deeply appreciate). Also keep in mind, although the doctrine is regarded as perfect the church members (including leaders) are not held out as perfect. If you were mistreated, I am deeply sorry for that. Perhaps for you then the challenge will be forgiveness for those you feel have behaved wrongfully against you.
  • Christopher Day Before 1978, the LDS church didn’t consider people of color to be worthy of being full members of the church (“holding the priesthood”). The church viewed(s?) them as bearing “the mark of Cain”. Which is of course horribly racist. Before the church changed course, it got to the point where colleges were refusing to play BYU in athletic events to protest the racist policy. Then, suddenly, black people become OK in 1978. The point is, the church obviously felt pressure to change or lose it’s place in society. The same is starting to happen with LGBT rights.
  • Aaron Lenox True, for over 100 years of the LDS church’s history, blacks did not hold the priesthood. The church was restored in 1830 during times of slavery. Racism and slavery were ubiquitous among governments, churches of all denominations even among the LDS church. And despite Joseph Smith having translated and published the Book of Mormon that teaches “all are alike unto God,” including “black and white, bond and free, male and female” (2 Nephi 26:33), it took generations for the body of the church to purge entrenched views regarding blacks.Interestingly, Christians (LDS included) believe in the church that Jesus Christ restored during his mortal ministry. During his ministry the Lord restricted the preaching of the Gospel to the Jews only. Sometime after the Lords crucifixion and ascension into heaven Peter, the presiding Apostle, received a revelation directing him to extend the blessings of the Gospel (including the priesthood) to the Gentiles also. At the time this was a monumental change in church policy, a change even the Apostles initially disputed. But, once the revelation came they put aside their personal views that were in disharmony with the newly revealed direction and supported the Gospel being taken to the gentiles full heartedly.

    The revelation on blacks holding the priesthood in the LDS church in 1978 functioned similarly. For years prior to 1978 the Prophet Spencer W. Kimball and the members of the 12 Apostles were desirous to extend the priesthood to all, including blacks, but felt the Lord, for reasons unknown to them, had restricted it. When conditions were ripe the Prophet and Apostles fasted and prayed for many days to know the will of the Lord, whether to extend the priesthood or not. Subsequently, the Lord manifested His will to extend the priesthood to all worthy males.

    Prior to this revelation, many of the Apostles and prophets did not believe the blacks would ever get the priesthood, however after the revelation this changed. One of the Apostles who was present for the revelation and who previously had shared his opinion that blacks would never receive the priesthood said this statement following the recite of the revelation:

    There are statements in our literature by the early Brethren that we have interpreted to mean that the Negroes would not receive the priesthood in mortality. I have said the same things, and people write me letters and say, “You said such and such, and how is it now that we do such and such?” All I can say is that it is time disbelieving people repented and got in line and believed in a living, modern prophet. Forget everything that I have said, or what President Brigham Young or President George Q. Cannon or whoever has said in days past that is contrary to the present revelation. We spoke with a limited understanding and without the light and knowledge that now has come into the world. We get our truth and light line upon line and precept upon precept (2 Ne. 28:30; Isa. 28:9-10; D&C 98:11-12; 128:21). We have now added a new flood of intelligence and light on this particular subject, and it erases all the darkness and all the views and all the thoughts of the past. They don’t matter anymore.

    (Elder Bruce R. McConkie wrote in Sermons and Writings of Bruce R. McConkie, Part II – The mission of the Holy Ghost, Chapter 9 – Revelation on the Priesthood 1989).

    I eco Elder McCinkie’s sentiment and am grateful for a modern Prophet and twelve Apostles who receive like Peter did modern revelation. One of the fundamental beliefs of the LDS church is and has always been “We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God” (Articles of Faith #9).

    Does Church doctrine change? No. Does church policy change? Yes. The doctrine of the priesthood did not change, the policy concerning who it was extended to did – which I, like you, am grateful for!

  • Jon V Green I tried to ask a god to confirm some of this info, but they don’t exist
  • Kim Jones Haha Jon, to each his own
  • Kim Jones Granted in legal writing, it’s his or her own. Ha!
  • Jon V Green I have had to endure painful dialogues with professors about how people are either “he” or “she”. I use “they” as a default to respect transgender folks…
  • Rob Sobotka This is why I worship Satan.
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  • Tim Downin Isn’t religion FUN?!?! 8}
  • Aaron Lenox Chris, I am not sure what you were referring to when mentioning The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints position on LGTB issues, but just in case there is any misunderstanding or doubts I have provided the Church’s OFFICIAL position in the links below, thanks:Same-Sex Attraction: The links this cite includes under “Notes” are fairly comprehensive and highly informative
    http://www.lds.org/topics/same-gender-attraction?lang=engOne of my favorite sites on this topic:

    How the church feels about Chastity in general and why:

    LDS Church’s response to recent Typhoon

  • Aaron Lenox This is the latest press release from the LDS Church concerning the Church’s official stance on same-sex attraction (released Nov 7th, 2013).Church Responds to Inquiries on ENDA, Same-Sex Marriage

    Salt Lake City —

    Media outlets are reporting that in an informal press gathering Wednesday, Senator Harry Reid made comments about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and gay rights.

    As the Church has said before, elected officials who are Latter-day Saints make their own decisions and may not necessarily be in agreement with one another or even with a publicly stated Church position.

    On the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), the Church has not taken a position. On the question of same-sex marriage, the Church has been consistent in its support of traditional marriage while teaching that all people should be treated with kindness and understanding. If it is being suggested that the Church’s doctrine on this matter is changing, that is incorrect.

    Marriage between a man and a woman is central to God’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children. As such, traditional marriage is a foundational doctrine and cannot change. http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/…/church-responds-to…


    The Church has been consistent in its support of traditional marriage while teaching that all people should be treated with kindness and understanding. The Church’s doctrine on this matter is not changing.
  • Erik Kulick Um, lets start with assault and threats being meted out by official representatives of the LDS church towards people who believe differently than them and are not afraid to bring up issues when congregated with other Mormons, or the common practice of church members abducting their children from non-believing spouses, often with the help of Mormon attorneys, Aaron.Your distinction between doctrine and policy is amusing. Harms caused by either are still harms, and both doctrine and policy is treated by TBM’s with the same level of reverence, so in practice there really is no difference. Bringing up the backpedaling by “apostles” of yesteryear only further exposes the problem with the concept of “revelation” and the need for people to take the words of ALL humans with a grain of salt.

    Daniel, this is something that is happening here at Willamette College of Law. As a matter of fact, Rex White Jr, helped me write this blog post. Maybe we can start discussing why it is that LDS lawyers feel like its OK to tell TBM divorcees that its OK to abduct their kids from the other spouse and move to UT. After all there are a lot of Mormon students here who could face the same fate, and I’d hate to see it happen again.

  • Kary DeVaney I don’t have a horse in this race, but I find this to be an appropriate venue to discuss legal issues, even if they are personal and intersect with religious doctrine. Mr. Kulick merely shared something he felt was relevant. How others respond is not his responsiblity.
  • Carleigh Caprice Anable Hey guys. You do know that finals are coming up right? Maybe you could focus your energies there. Or don’t I guess. It’ll help the curve.
  • Aaron Lenox For general info. Some may think the LDS church is benign to the wolds suffering, check out this very brief window into the Church’s ongoing efforts world wide.http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/topic/humanitarian-services


    Style Guide Note: When reporting about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, please use the complete name of the Church in the first reference. For more information on the use of the name of the Church, go to our online style guide.
  • Erik Kulick By all means stay focused on your studies. I sure have been, otherwise I would have been back on here to check on Aaron‘s response to the issues I’ve presented sooner. I’ve been waiting for a response from Carleigh for quite some time regarding similar issues on a different post, as well. Thanks for reminding me, Carleigh!
  • Carleigh Caprice Anable I do not care to respond to these issues nor will I be bullied by you Erik Kulick. If you continue to harass me I will go to the Deans and to the police. Please respect my wishes that you please leave me alone.
  • Aaron Lenox Erik, I would love to help you with the personal issues your having with the church and your family but I really don’t know how. Problems like these usually are a matter for you and those involved to figure out. Keep in mind your experience with a couple church members, whether leaders or not, is not representative of the church as a whole, they are just individuals like you and I. And your experience of your wife leaving you and being assisted by a mormon attorney is not the experience of most mormons, but again I am sorry you are going through this. Erik, the LDS church, your wife, Church leaders etc. are not the problem. Sooner or later we all need to look in the mirror, myself included. I know the consequences to poor choices stings terribly and can negatively impact our thinking and bring seemingly endless emotional suffering. You appear to be in a battle, you think it is with Church leaders and other external issues, but really Erik the battle is and has always been with yourself. I wish all the best for you, feel free to come talk to me anytime, I will see you in the halls.
  • Erik Kulick Bully you, Carleigh? In what way have I bullied you or even given you the slightest reason to threaten to call the cops AND the dean on me? You’re the one who came on here making snarky comments about finals and how keeping it up will affect the curve. All I did was invite you to be the first active Mormon to explain why they’re OK w/ their church treating “eternal family members” this way:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oe0Bc0Y_OJM

    Aaron, how can you definitively say that “the LDS church, my wife, Church leaders etc. are not the problem?” Have you even listened to the audio of the link included in this comment? You say I have a need to repent, yet you still haven’t cited the reason, even though I’ve repeatedly asked you to. You claim that you and the other church members “love” me, but your collective shallow attempt at tolerance belies the real truth.

    If you want to be able to honestly claim to care about others, you need to be willing to dig into the issues. Hopefully y’all will give your clients a bit more thorough thought than you have given the plight of your “eternal brother.”


    http://wp.me/P2QBk9-2 I have been cross-dressing and walking great distances to religious services of all types, and only the LDS corp has felt the need to k…
  • Aaron Lenox Erik, you raise an interesting issue, that of tolerance. I would like to share my view on this important topic so hopefully there is no misunderstanding regarding my position towards you as an “eternal brother.” I do so respectfully of course.I believe in a Supreme Being who has established absolute right and wrong in human behavior. I believe that the existence of God and the existence of absolute truth are fundamental to life on this earth, whether they are believed in or not. I believe that all persons are brothers and sisters under God. I also know that evil exists and that some things are simply, seriously and everlastingly wrong. Some of the evils that exist today are: murders, pornography, degrading sexual indulgence, drunkenness, dishonesty, hatred, foul language.

    Tolerance is defined as a friendly and fair attitude toward unfamiliar or different opinions and practices or toward the persons who hold or practice them. I believe that our obligation to tolerance means that none of the before mentioned behaviors, or others we consider deviations from the truth, should ever cause us to react with hateful communication or unkind actions. To me this means we may stand intolerant of transgression but tolerant of neighbors with differences they hold sacred.

    The Lord drew boundary lines to define acceptable limits of tolerance; He taught us that we need not tolerate evil. Even though He loved the sinner, The Lord said that He “cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance.” When He faced the woman taken in adultery, Jesus spoke the comforting words of tolerance: “Neither do I condemn thee.” Then, as He sent her away, He spoke the commanding words of truth: “Go, and sin no more” (John 8:11). This example shows us both tolerance and truth: kindness in the communication but firmness in the truth. My commitment to the Savior causes me to scorn sin yet heed His commandment to love each other.

    Today, devoted disciples of the Lord are required to be just as firm. Real love for the sinner may compel courageous confrontation – not acquiescence. REAL LOVE DOES NOT SUPPORT SELF-DESTRUCTING BEHAVIOR. The face of sin today often wears the mask of tolerance. Do not be deceived, behind that façade is heartache, unhappiness, and pain.

    To tolerate without limit is an erroneous assumption and could lead to spineless permissiveness. The weaker one’s belief in God and the fewer one’s moral absolutes, the fewer the occasions when the ideas or practices of others will confront one with the challenge to be tolerant. For example, an atheist has no need to decide what kinds and occasions of profanity or blasphemy can be tolerated and what kinds should be confronted. Persons who don’t believe in God or in absolute truth in moral matters can see themselves as the most tolerant of persons. For them, almost anything goes. This belief system can tolerate almost any behavior and almost any person. Unfortunately, some who believe in moral relativism seem to have difficulty tolerating those who insist that there is a God who should be respected and that there are certain moral absolutes that should be observed – tolerance is often demanded but seldom returned.

    I believe we must stand up for truth, even while we practice tolerance and respect for the beliefs and ideas different from our own and for the people who hold them. However, while we must practice tolerance and respect for others and their beliefs, including their right to explain and advocate their positions, WE ARE NOT REQUIRED TO RESPECT AND TOLERATE WRONG BEHAVIOR. (To save time and help express my views I barrowed some ideas and quotes from two LDS General Authority talks)

  • Erik Kulick Look, Aaron, telling me that you *believe* certain things to be inherently wrong doesn’t explain WHY you think all those things are wrong *per se* nor does it explain why you still seem to think that what the church leaders do to people like me is OK. Telling me that Jesus is purported to have criticized “immoral” behavior is not an answer. The fact remains that you and the vast majority of members that I know including a good many of my family continue to keep silent concerning these issues, both online and in the meetinghouses. Do you actually have any answers for WHY my actions are harmful, why you still refuse to see harm in the way your leaders deal w/ these types of situations, and why your collective failure to act is anything but acceptable?BTW, tolerance in this context is offensive in and of itself because it implies that y’all see yourselves as better than people who behave differently than you, making it difficult for TBM members to treat “disobedient” Mormons w/ anything less then disdain. True “eternal love” can only breed compassion; anything less can only be lip service at best.

    That’s not to say that people should have to put up w/ others taking advantage of them, but there is a huge difference between getting your garments in a bunch because you don’t like the way your neighbors’ habits smell or the potential risks associated w/ those habits and being concerned about abusive relationships. It’s like y’all are taking a page straight out of GWB’s “preemptive strike” handbook…

  • Aaron Lenox Erik, give me some time with the Holidays to respond thoughtfully to your post, until then I hope your visit with your kids and others in Utah goes very well, no doubt your little ones miss you, they are so cute! I just want to say that I love you for loving your kids so much, take care. P.S. hope you feel good about finals.
  • Aaron Lenox One last quick thought, just don’t let what’s going on right now spoil your thoughts, conversation, and time with the little ones, I am sure they are just needing some pure, simple Daddy love right now.
  • Erik Kulick Don’t worry, I’m purchasing a sign that says “Google Crossdressing Mormon” to wear on my back when I walk from SLC up to Brigham City to get my car back and see the kids. America WILL know what LDS leaders are allowing in their churches. Hopefully it will force them to come clean and stop these horrendous assaults, bans and child abductions being meted out against “eternal family” members. Once I’m with my kids I will have a blast and so will they.
  • Erik Kulick Hey, check out the audio from the testimony meeting that caused the leaders from every LDS church I visited after to assault and threaten me! Don’t forget to factor it in when you reply, Aaron!http://crossdresstochurch.wordpress.com/…/lds…/


    Here is my first podcast release made from the audio recorded when I crossdress to religious services. This podcast is the audio of the LDS testimony meeting that caused my local LDS leaders to ass…
  • Aaron Lenox Hi Erik, you asked me to respond to why some of your actions are harmful to members of the LDS faith (and perhaps those of other faiths). Please bear with me while I lay the foundation to my response.The only fight the Church wages is against sin. Sin is disobedience to the commandments of God. God has given his commandments to divinely chosen prophets since the beginning of man and He does so today and can be found in scripture. For this reason scripture is considered sacred and of highest import to God’s children because it is literally God’s revelations to us, directing fallen man and woman on how to be redeemed through Christ’s atonement.

    When some criticize the Church for at times becoming involved in politics, the Church only does so when defending or promoting God’s commandments becomes necessary – a divinely given prerogative of the LDS Church. Same-sex marriage is a modern example of this. The LDS Church has repeatedly voiced its unchanging position on this critical issue and has encouraged its membership to be politically active in supporting traditional marriage in accordance to the commandment of God; that marriage be only between and a man and a woman.

    Additionally, faith in God and a personal witness of God’s saving truths (called a testimony) are of primary importance in any individuals life who seeks to follow God. To LDS members possessing faith, testimony, and God’s forgiveness by compliance to his commandments constitutes spiritual life, to loose these or deny them constitutes spiritual death, or complete separation from God (both physically & spiritually). Spiritual life while on earth brings inner peace, comfort, joy, satisfaction, love, knowledge of spiritual truths, humility and contriteness of soul. On the other hand spiritual death on earth brings confusion, hopelessness, despair, contention, and misery. Eternally, spiritual life and death is the difference between entering God’s presence or being forever cast out. Consequently, anyone or anything that leads away from or destroys faith, testimony, and obedience to God’s commandments (i.e. spiritual life) is viewed as not only harmful and disrespectful but antichrist and is to be forthrightly cast aside and rejected. This form of discrimination is viewed as divinely sanctioned and expressly commanded. Thus not all forms of discrimination are bad or wrong in our view, when employed to preserve that which is true, good, or essential to life (spiritual or physical) – even if those guilty of acting contrary to what is true, good, or essential to life are harmed in some way – like being removed from a church meeting house by force if necessary, or being prevented from speaking further to the congregation, or being prevented from coming on to church property (although these are last resorts).

    This is why to LDS members generally and the LDS Church, guarding and preserving faith, testimony, and obedience to God’s commandments (spiritual life) are more important than anyone’s desire to address or otherwise have access to the Church’s private and sacred meetings of members who are gathered only to strengthen and bless one another.

  • Erik Kulick Who is Kris?I think you need to retake Con law, Aaron. Equal protection under the law doesn’t mean protection only for the “righteous.” By continuing to dump millions of tithing dollars into campaigns against gay marriage, the church is attempting to diminish the affect of the Constitution, which is consequently a violation of the church’s 12th article of faith. Sounds to me like the current first presidency and quorum of the 12 are guilty of leading the members astray, and should therefore be given a taste of their own “excommunication medicine.”

    The “sacred covenant of marriage” isn’t affected at all when states like UT recognize the right to contract between same-sex couples (yay!) the way heterosexual couples can, so I’m not so sure about that divine prerogative you speak of.

    I respect the rights of others to believe what they will. You still haven’t articulated WHAT it was that I said or did to affect the “spiritual welfare” of the members while I attended testimony meetings or when I refused to be quietly whisked into an excommunication trial where I was explicitly told my evidence would not be heard and I was prevented from peaceably engaging with the members (whom I never got to meet) of the stake implicitly approving of such blatant violations of church law (even the way I was excommunicated conflicted with D&C & the official church handbook). I again implore you to go through the audio and cite the harms to Mormon “spiritual welfare” you speak of. The fact that you liked Carleigh Caprice Anable‘s accusations of bullying and threats over the non-existent harms she complained of makes me doubt you ever will address the issues honestly, though.

    You know what is most frightening? The way you speak of acceptable discrimination reminds me of the part of the Book of Mormon where Nephi claims divine justification for his beheading of Laban. With these kinds of warped justifications for serious violations of the law, it makes me think that the only thing that separates mainstream Mormonism from Islamist extremism is desperation and corporate protection. Logic help us.

  • Jon V Green Keep wearing dresses to church and in public spaces, Erik! This is vital as we confront a hella transphobic, dogmatic populace…
  • Erik Kulick Thanks, Jon! Oh, I won’t stop cross dressing to churches or anywhere else anytime soon. There is far too much work to be done. I just can’t wait till there’s enough public opposition to the church’s treatment of me and the other “sons and daughters of perdition” that they’re forced to deal with what happened instead of keeping us swept under the rug with all the rest of their “dirt.”I’m so tired of Mormons feigning “Christ-like love” towards people who are different than them or silently standing by as families are destroyed by their self-righteous friends and family.

  • Aaron Lenox The LDS church itself does not use tithing funds for campaign donations, nor does it directly contribute monetarily to political campaigns. The “millions” $ given to support traditional marriage (speaking of proposition 8) was all donated by individual members to the campaign directly of their own choice w/out consequence for not doing so; their donations were not tithing and were not given to the LDS church. The Church itself did donate NON-MONETARY support to the campaign in complete harmony with the Church’s policy to be an influence on contemporary moral issues.http://eom.byu.edu/index.php/Finances_of_the_Church



    The financial strength of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints derives primarily from the commitment of its members to the scriptural principle of tithing and other forms of voluntary contributions and service. The collection and disbursement of all funds are carefully managed according t…
  • Jon V Green The Stone ages are over. Smash the gender binary!
  • Erik Kulick That’s all you have to say, Aaron? An explanation for how the money the church gave to political campaigns “technically” wasn’t tithing? Any money the LDS corp has IS a result of tithing, and no matter how many times they invest it in property or pass it through non-profits, it will remain the result of tithing.I’d appreciate actual answers to the questions I’ve presented, instead of the repeated attempts to make me look wrong and the church look right like the way every other TBM Mormon who has offered their opinion on the matter has.

    Doesn’t anyone else find it troubling that so many Mormons refuse to exercise critical thought while in law school?

  • Erik Kulick Aaron Lenox, if your run-on paragraph with which you replied to me in secret explains your point of view so well, why don’t you share it here? In that giant paragraph you pointed to the accusations of “teaching false doctrines as church doctrine and scaring children” in the letter from my stake president excommunicating me and banning me from all church property, but you never went on to explain HOW my actions fit the accusations, nor did you explain why a person so accused deserved to be assaulted, banned, and excommunicated for such behavior, especially when I wasn’t even present to present the evidence I was told wouldn’t be heard in the first place.I refuse to reply to your secret communications. If you want to come off as a sincere person when you actively and publicly engage people like me, you need to finish what you started and address the issues.

    I reiterate my concerns regarding Mormons and all others who refuse to critically think but insist on the practice of law. This is why the cases in Con law and Crim Pro I are so depressing.

  • Jon V Green This is reminiscent of some of my crim law classmates making jokes about rape and questioning the survivor’s account of their experience. Hella depressing if these tools end up as DAs or judges…
  • Aaron Lenox My feeling is that, in this circumstance, it is inappropriate to address your personal indiscretions and behaviors publicly. Yet, I still attempted to answer you on the side out of respect. But if you would like to focus on the issues (e.g. equal protection, church tribunals etc.) instead of the details of your life, I am more than willing to explore these topics with you.
  • Erik Kulick Why is it inappropriate to address? If you are so confident in the correctness of your evaluation of the situation and your advice given, then why are you afraid to share it publicly? Your inferences regarding my behavior have already brought you down to the level that you seem to be trying to avoid, so why not get it all out? After all, it is me who risks shame, not you, right?Even in private you failed to articulate an actual harm. Instead, you pointed to the unsubstantiated claims in the one paged excommunication letter that I received from the man who called himself my stake president as being harms per se. You then went on to state how I am in the grasp of Satan which has caused me to “speak out against the church and everything about it, including the people in it”, while accusing me of other prior and current iniquities which you confidently claimed are prerequisites for “excommunicable actions” such as mine. Finally, you followed your hollow accusations up with a lecture on the deceitful and controlling powers of Satan (a conundrum you fail to recognize) and the saving power of the atonement (a parasitic concept that breeds spiritually laziness).

    While I do speak out about practices of the LDS church and some of its doctrines, unlike the church has taught you, criticism toward the ways someone does things does not equate to an attack on the individual and everything she’s about. Like every other Mormon who has had the courage or audacity to engage me on the subject, you overstate the extent of my criticisms and underestimate the extent of things that cause people to see things like the LDS church differently.

    Maybe if you could stop making such closed-minded assumptions about me (and people like me) and start getting honest with yourself and your classmates, we can finally have a fruitful conversation about something. I’m not sure you want to get into those other more difficult subjects if you’re having such a tough time addressing my simple questions.

  • Aaron Lenox To all,I feel that I need to apologize to all of you who have followed this thread for these several months. Initially my only desire engaging in this thread was to offer the alternative view to the negative and untruthful things Erik was posting about the LDS Church and religion.

    But I have taken it too far by persistently engaging with him directly and personally after seeing that his goal was to argue and that his method was to share mistruths and twist my words.

    I am deeply sorry for carrying this on so long, I feel responsible for this. And so I am done with this thread. Next time, I promise to do better. And I thank all of you who have taken the time to share with me your views and respond thoughtfuly and sincerely to what I have posted and who have given me feedback as well. I have learned a lot and have valued your input.


    Aaron W. Lenox

  • Erik Kulick So instead of actually addressing the issues, you are going to simply back out of the conversation? Is this how you intend on practicing law? I have asked you legitimate questions about important issues which affect the very community you claim to be a part of, and this is how you replied?:

    “Erik, repetadly you have asked me to comment on my view of why exactly your actions are harmful or wrong. Though I answered this question already, I think you want me to references specific behaviors that are wrong and harmful. The letter you received from your Stake Presidency has already informed you why you were excommunicated. You taught as Church doctrine teachings contrary to the Church and God’s teachings despite leaders asking you not to and young children became afraid of you. You have taken the position that you are doing nothing wrong, that you are on a mission of your own to visit churches and declare your message concerning modern social and political issues. You seek to influence private Churches, including and especially the LDS Church by visiting them during their meetings of worship and addressing their members openly. You dress, groom and behaive in a manner consistant with your message and the feeling it brings. You have specifically spoken out against the lds church, its doctrines, members, leaders, and practices. I know one such as yourself does not reach this point of activity and perception without prior and current iniquities to get where you are. Often such iniquities or personal sins have caused those around you to lose faith and trust in you and replace these with fear and feelings of betrayal and disappointment. Such personal sins often are in the realm of drug use and abuse and perhaps sexual perversions of one kind or another. Adopting views inconsistant with what God has revealed is also a way that Satan gains power over his subjects. If he can blind you through the comission of your personal sins, and take hold of your mind via inconsistant and contrary views as well as inflame your emotions blaiming others regarding consequences YOU have caused, HE HAS YOU. You are not your own anymore. This is exactly how subtly Satan works to insare the souls of men. Now you are going about doing his bedding, sharing his message and sturing up the people to contention ans strife. I declare in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ that you have been decieved and have succombed to his power. Now, if I know him at all, you will be angry with this message “for the guilty taketh the truth to be hard, for it cutteth them to the very center,” and he will try and have you think well I don’t beleive in this so it is not true and if I don’t believe it than it doesn’t exist. WRONG, he is real, he exists, just as you and I do. Some things are real even though you cannot see them (like gravity, not seen but felt), he is one of them, a real being, with power to bind you soul down with lies, desceptions, until you are his, until you suffer with him in his own place. The many bad things you have been experiencing with the law, family, and at school is not because your course of action is right – it is because you are doing wrong and by the fruits/the results of these actions you may know that what I say is true. Erik, there is in reality a living God, a perfect individual whos children we are. But you know this. We have been given this time on earth to repent and prepare to return and live with him after we depart this life if we have sought to obey His commandments and follow His Son Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world; But you know this. If you do not repent sincerely and return unto The Lord and seek forgiveness for the wrongs you haved committed against Him and your family you will be judged by Him accordingly. For He will judge your thoughts, words, and actions to see if you have any of His truth in you, to see if you have any of His divine spirit in you, and if not you are delivered up unto he who you have listened to more than Him, Lucifer, your new father. For NO UNCLEAN THING can dwell in the kingdom of God. And how can we become clean from our sins if we do not repent? We cannot, thus all who are in a state of rebellion against God and His Church cannot be cleansed and cannot enter His kingdom. But you know this. For on one hand the Spirit of The Lord is humble, meek, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things The Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him even as a child. On the other hand, the Spirit of Lucifer is a liar from the beginning, an acuser of his brethren day and night, one who stirrs up the hearts of people to anger, contention, division, and war. He would have us fear, he would have us loose sight of God and our family, But you know this. For all things of God invite and intice us to believe in Him, that he is, and that He is a rewarder to all those who follow Him in Faith, however, all things that invite and intice us to disbeleive in God, to fear or to contend are not of God. By this you may know that your actions have been contrary to your God. You have sought to declare your own message, not His message, you have adopted the iniquitous ways of the world, and the patterns of lucifer such that even you have difficulty discerning why your actions have become wrong, such that you need to ask me why what you are doing is wrong and hurtful. If anything you should at least be able to look in the mirror and see what you have become and ask yourself have my actions blessed my life, have they blessed my wife and children, have they advanced me in my life? The answer is NO, they have not, your actions have rewarded you nothing but contention, anger, inner pain and pressure, you have become a kind of outcast because of your rebellions against God, society, and his people. But you know and feel this. Repentance heals our souls, our hearts and our itchy minds. It removes, hostility, anger, and the deceptions of Lucifer, it renews our strength and grants us clarity of thought and purpose, repentance returns us to the right path NO MATTER WHERE we have gone. You can repent, you can be healed, you can restore good to your life and relationships if you are willing to. You can remove throught the power of the Saviors atonment Satan’s grasp on you in your life. You are worth it, you are important to God, you are desired by him, He wants your life to be corrected and improved, He wants you to learn from your mistakes and move on, on the right path to Him. You must acknowledge your wrongs to Him in prayer and humbly seek His forgiveness. You must anew begin to read His words which will immediately begin to weaken and remove Satan’s power in you life and heal you. Do this and do not stop until The Lord has claimed you His once again. Go to your Stake President and seek his help when your ready.”

    Not one part of that run-on paragraph explained your position, and now you leave me hanging after I called you out on it?

    What HAVE you learned from our input that you value?

  • Erik Kulick I don’t like people worshiping anyone, Rob, although, unlike Aaron‘s comment, I imagine your statement about Satan worship was in jest.Nevertheless, I post this recording for your listening pleasure:



    I do not own any rights to this song or image. Lyrics: I’ve got wheels of polish…See more

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