Who is the Willamette Collegian?

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Juliana Cohen, writer for the Willamette Collegian arranged for Elize Manoukian to write the article, ‘Who is the Crossdressing Mormon?” about me, and then invited me to a group that she created called ‘Willamette Collegian (Before our Time)’, in which her rules explicitly prohibited “political” comments.

Shortly after, she posted this image from the Willamette Collegian archive, not realizing the inherent political nature of the image or the comments which were bound to follow.

As a result of the following conversation that ensued on the photo’s thread, Evann Zuckerman took harassment claims against me through the Willamette University Title IX department, claiming that I was “staring at her for over an hour,” (an impossible task, as I was busy writing a pro se appellate brief and an asylum brief for a client acquired through my law school clinic during this time), and that I said “hi” to her on a different occasion. Instead of dismissing this ridiculousness after I presented this evidence, Willamette University HR director Jackie Balzer decided to arbitrarily enforce a ban from the campus cafe because Evann was able to slander me sufficiently to her long-time co-workers for some of them to request this collectively.

If this doesn’t resolve in a equitable and just manner, I will be taking law suits against Willamette and any employees involved in this personal attack, student or otherwise. I hold no grudges against any of these people, but refuse to idly watch people abuse the very process that they ironically felt the need to talk shit about.

Juliana Cohen

February 25 at 5:07pm


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    Jacob Pajos HendersonFebruary 25 at 5:23pm · Unlike · 1

    Erik Sandy Love. So true especially today. We a small university that acts like a dipshit big one

    February 25 at 5:27pm · Unlike · 1

    Erik Kulick Business as usual.

    February 25 at 6:44pm · Like · 1

    Evann Zoe Zuckerman Aka why fraternities (breeding grounds for violence) are back on campus!

    February 25 at 9:32pm · Unlike · 2

    Genevieve Anne Gahagan Also that now Willamette is apparently trying to downsize financial aid in a really big way….

    February 25 at 9:51pm · Unlike · 2

    Alex de Man#relevant

    February 25 at 10:27pm · Like · 1

    Erik Sandy This is too real not to yell at someone about. Can we get a yell sesh in soon?

    February 25 at 10:35pm · Like · 2

    Erik Kulick It sucks that they got rid of the education grad program. They should be adding and improving grad school options, not scaling down.

    February 25 at 10:41pm · Like · 1

    Evann Zoe Zuckerman I’m more sad that the University I dedicate a lot of ‘time and money to cares more about increasing profits than student safety.

    February 25 at 10:44pm · Unlike · 1

    Erik Sandy Black tieover wehms wtf

    February 25 at 10:47pm · Like

    Erik Sandy Im seriously embarrassed when people ask me wherre I goto school

    February 25 at 10:47pm · Like · 2

    Erik Kulick Safety certainly is important, but if we really want to see it improve, we need to think far bigger than campus security. That’s not to say there couldn’t be improvements in the way security is handled at school, including increasing funding, but it really is more macro. Do you all care about Salem, the valley, Cascadia, the planet…? Let’s set a better example while improving this gorgeous place that we live in.

    February 25 at 11:12pm · Like

    Erik Kulick So is anyone interested in trying to fix things with me? I see a ton of potential in all of you, but feel like no-one ever really wants to be honest with themselves or each other when a call to action comes; it is far easier for people to disassociate themselves from the kinds of things or people that cause them to feel compelled to question their most dearly held “truths.”

    By the way, I brought a copy of the article that Elize wrote about me to the Statesman Journal, and they said they would like to set up a time to meet with me. I also have a City Manager review scheduled for the “internal investigation” that was kicked around by Salem PD when they looked into the incident that my sign directs folks to. I don’t need any of your support to accomplish the things that I’m capable of, and y’all don’t need mine for the inverse, but what a waste of an opportunity it will be if we don’t at least try to seize this day.

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    Evann Zoe Zuckerman I mean, I took action in some way, I worte an article for the collegian about sig chi moving on campus.I don’t believe that a general campaign to fix campus will work. Unfortunately, it seems necessary to tackle each issue at a time.

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    Erik Kulick I don’t mean to imply that y’all are sitting around on your asses doing nothing. Tackling issues and brainstorming about them are very different things. If we want to see the issues for what they really are, instead of getting tripped up over the symptoms, we also need to focus on the latter task. Most people usually avoid this step, because it feels like it produces so little work product for so much energy, but it really is crucial for true success.

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    Juliana Cohen Sorry everyone, but I’d like it if you could move serious discussion elsewhere. This is meant to be a casual and light-hearted page, not a community organizing platform.

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    Erik Kulick I would gladly move it anywhere that it can be productive, Juliana. Why the limitation though? What harm is there in having a serious discussion on these threads anyway? After all, this throwback you posted touches on a very serious topic; it should get us passionate. I can understand not wanting to have to deal with contention, but the conversation had actually deescalated from what almost felt like vitriol toward the university to the start of a productive discourse on at least the idea of working together.

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    Juliana Cohen I don’t want this group to be divisive or off-putting to people who just want to chill out and look at old photos. Let’s end this conversation right here.

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    Erik Kulick What is divisive or off-putting about the way the tone of the conversation went? I’m not looking for that kind of thing on these threads either, but if you’re going to post photos that have divisive subjects, why even have commentary open in the first place? The conversation shouldn’t end there, because I asked legitimate questions that should apply to the moderation of all forums. That is far different than me continuing to rant on about a specific questionable topic.

    If some of you have some new-found issue with me, please confront me about it. It would be a real shame for this forum to become unnecessarily fettered all because of opinions that people have about one individual or subject. I care about Willamette and the Collegian even if some of you don’t.

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    Juliana Cohen Um, I work for the fucking Collegian. I started this page… I obviously care. If you’re going to be a jerk to me, stop right now or leave the page.

    And as I said before, this conversation has ended.

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    Erik Kulick I didn’t imply that you don’t care personally, Juliana. I implied that from the comments in this thread that other folks don’t seem to, at least at this juncture. Why not put limitations on people when they resort to things like ad hominem attacks instead of putting a blanket ban on the very topics that some of these photos are “talking” about?

    Do you really feel like I’m talking down to you? If everyone here cares about these things, they should do more to show it. That’s just me expressing my opinion. I’m sorry if I always have a response, but that’s just me showing I care about all of you. After all, isn’t that what journalism and critical thought are all about?

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    About emkulick

    I cross-dress to religious services of all sorts to inspire critical thought as I work toward a "heaven" in the here-and-now.
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    11 Responses to Who is the Willamette Collegian?

    1. Sherrell Zitting says:

      Erik, they’re still kids, very young. They’re brains are still developing. So they often can’t handle critical thought, except maybe from critical parents and other handlers.

      When Juliana calls this thing “”the fucking Collegian””, plus calls you “”a jerk”” just for your evaluation and imput on the issues, PLUS pleads with you to “”end this conversation”” now, on a very forum built for conversation, and all this in one foul breath, hey, it just proves the point very clearly, that they are young, and still developing.

      So be patient with them, and they’ll try to do the same, and become mature citizens, most of them will, and become more caring.

      • emkulick says:

        Thanks, Sherrell. I understand that it is mostly a function of youth, I just hope their pride doesn’t get in their way of resolving this maturely.

      • emkulick says:

        Check out my horoscope for today, Sherrell!

        CAPRICORN. (Dec. 21 – Jan. 19): Refusing to accept pat answers doesn’t mean you’re being difficult; it means that the “experts” need to do a better job of explaining themselves.

        I guess those undergrads have some splainin’ to do!

    2. emkulick says:

      Here is a comment thread from the Willamette University Alumni & Community (Bearcats!) Facebook group page about this incident which features input from fellow and former students; the impact of this slanderous behavior is worse than I though; I was even booted from the group:

      Willamette University Alumni & Community (Bearcats!)
      Public Group
      2,345 members(5 new)

      Erik Kulick
      4 hrs
      Has anyone else had Willamette’s disciplinary process abused by fellow students, thanks to the incompetence of our campus security and/or HR? Hit me up. I’d love to see what we can do about it.

      Who is the Willamette Collegian?
      Juliana Cohen, writer for the Willamette Collegian arranged for Elize Manoukian to write the article, ‘Who is the Crossdressing Mormon?” about me, and then invited me to a group that she created ca…
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      Anna Carlin You made a multitude of female students uncomfortable for their own safety, but insist that you have a right to continue to do so. Please stop.
      3 hrs · Like · 7

      Erik Kulick
      Um, that is a slanderous and unfounded statement; I did no such thing, Anna.

      It takes no effort to see that the claims against me are unfounded, given the breakdown of this conversation and the immediately following “unfriending” of me by the very girl abusing the school disciplinary process. It most obviously isn’t about me making people feel uncomfortable, as I spent *years* hanging out in The Bistro Willamette, gradually gaining #FB friends (including a bunch of the girls who have since sided w/ Evann as she slanders me) in the process.

      Why would people who felt uncomfortable w/ my presence all this time ever accept my friend requests? Could it be that their “discomfort” all began *after* they realized that I don’t agree with them on or adore everything that they do? Why else would they be so damn friendly, and then turn so quickly? If my gaze was so offensive, it would have been addressed long ago.

      The reality is that lots of students were looking at me after this article was published, and as a result I returned reciprocal glances at those students, thereby *actually* diminishing the reciprocal glances that the Bistro employees who had seemed so fond of me were used to receiving.

      I challenge anyone to present evidence which contradicts my claims or backs up the slanderous accusations made by people like Evann and Anna…
      1 hr · Like

      Anna Carlin
      There’s a variety of women who have said you make them uncomfortable. You don’t get to decide whether that is true, because that’s the feelings they have. It’s the reality of it. If a student doesn’t feel safe in your presence, the priority is to make them feel safe. Especially if you’re attempting to advocate against sexism, which is valid and important, you need to be considerate of the extent to which you make women feel unsafe. It doesn’t matter why, what matters is that they have the ability to feel safe in their place of work.
      57 mins · Like

      Anna Carlin It’s not slanderous or unfounded if it is literally true.
      57 mins · Like

      Erik Kulick
      If so, provide evidence which shows that people have felt uncomfortable, whether it pertains to gender or otherwise.

      I presented evidence which shows that the feelings toward me of the very people claiming that I made them feel uncomfortable had nothing to do with comfort, yet you only responded with another “matter-of-fact” statement.

      You obviously don’t know me and are likely just trying to look good in front of all the students who are gaining up on me, but I am serious about taking a lawsuit against the school and any of its employees or students who have contributed to this slanderous abuse of process.
      46 mins · Like

      Anna Carlin I do know you. I spend a lot of time in the Bistro and am aware of the efforts students felt they had to put into avoiding you. I personally did not feel safe when I was in there without friends and you were nearby.
      I’m not going to continue this argument as the only ground you have to stand on is an imposition of your will over the safety of the student body.
      40 mins · Like

      Erik Kulick
      Really? Who am I?

      *You* didn’t feel safe? Why? What have I done which could even come close to warranting such baseless accusations against me?

      I guess a guitar-playing crossdresser and/or Mormon sitting around a cafe w/ the same smiling students day in and day out is terrifying, eh? Especially after a glowing article was written about him as a result of his music and random students kept approaching him to tell him about it?

      Do y’all really not understand what it means to provide evidence?
      15 mins · Like

      Mitzi Barker Interesting to see this commentary cartoon unearthed. I believe the original context was the Trustees’ consideration of a successor to G Herbert Smith. They chose a business executive. I recall him buried in effigy on the Quad.
      11 mins · Unlike · 1

      Erik Kulick
      Interesting, Mitzi. It is unfortunate that our Willamette family is so quick to throw people under the bus. I understand that it all comes back to hurt feelings, but abuse of the disciplinary process is a serious issue. I am already in contact w/ a former student who has also experienced harm as a result of the deficiencies of Willamette’s HR and security policies. Maybe my public status will finally shed light on these appalling breaches of contract and violations of the law.
      4 mins · Like

      Erik Kulick I posted this tread in the comments section of the corresponding blog post to help people see how badly the slanderous effect of Evann’s abuse of the disciplinary process is harming me.
      1 hr · Like

      Winnie Albright
      Winnie Albright’s photo.
      54 mins · Like · 3

      Anna Carlin
      “Wow, I was making someone feel unsafe and the fact that she took efforts to feel safe in her place of work is screwing me up! I should be able to make people uncomfortable without interference or any damage to my reputation!”
      I will also say that as a student, I knew nothing about these proceedings until you decided to bring them to the forefront. Accordingly, I’m going to say that you brought this on yourself.
      If you also think that you have the right to make people feel unsafe on their campus but then can sue them should they speak about it as it damages your reputation, your understanding of priorities of both the university and the legal system seem way off base. The fact that people acknowledge your harasser-like tendencies is not anywhere near as offensive as those tendencies themselves.
      49 mins · Like · 3

      Erik Kulick Your run-on paragraphs don’t make sense, Anna. You were present at the Bistro on at least one the days that security was unnecessarily called on me over a month ago, so you obviously are mistaken or are trying to deceive.

      Do you not see the timeline? Do you not understand the implications? Obviously you don’t because if it really was “discomfort” that everyone was *suddenly* feeling (I’ve been on campus for 4 years), SOMEONE could explain it. With words.

      Instead, you are only digging in to make it seem like I have done something wrong and are hoping a more dramatic reaction on your part will sell it. You even fake quoted what you perceived me to be saying to in my recent comments. Fortunately for me, I save all my evidence and can expose that kind of behavior for what it is.

      I’m really not trying to battle you folks, but your reaction only makes it more likely that this will have to result in a lawsuit if it is ever to be resolved. What I am experiencing while unnecessarily being exposed to exclusions from the Bistro and all you ladies at Willamette crying wolf about me *is* sexual harassment. Unfortunately, at this point the university doesn’t realize that its female on male harassment.

      If I even *had* some reputation of harming someone (which I don’t), and y’all were legitimately reacting to such a reputation, it still wouldn’t rise to the level of justifying taking harassment claims against me unless I were *doing* something actually harassment-related like cornering someone. A person sitting in a room with other people is not per se harassment, even if that person can sometimes be awkward. *What did I DO to deserve to be treated like a harasser? You claim you know little about what happened with Sandra, but seem to have no trouble taking what little you heard from her at face value. Don’t you see how dangerous this can be when forming your opinions of others and contributing to the general public opinion of that person?

      I understand that it wasn’t long ago that most of you were having to struggle in HS for popularity, so I am able to forgive, but y’all really need to stop treating me like I’m someone to be afraid of. Just because I am a large (apparently) male individual, doesn’t mean I deserve to be sexually harassed by anyone, female or otherwise.

      I do understand the difficulties that many women face as a result of inappropriate behavior on the part of others, but if y’all refuse to address the very kinds of things that people sometimes unfortunately do to women in a way that helps people recognize harmful behavior so there can be change, how will we ever get anywhere as a society on this issue? This is what I meant when I questioned the feelings of our classmates when they initially complained about Willamette in that Collegian thread.

      Please have the courage to share these points so that we can get past this nonsense.

    3. The Stressed Out Jew says:

      You were not being sexually harassed, but your staring at female (and from what I understand, exclusively female) students was construed as harassment. From that you received a (deserved) reputation as being creepy. As women, we’re expected to always be on guard for tell-tale signs of potential sexual assault or harassment, which you were displaying.
      If you can’t understand the comments Anna was making, I feel that speaks to your own inability to critically understand your own actions, which I guess is exemplified in your martyr complex. The extent to which you feel the need to belittle her is shameful.
      You behaved in a way that made students feel threatened. Multiple students. Multiple times. Independently of each other. The university dealt with that threat in a manner they considered appropriate that the majority of students approached about the topic greatly appreciate.

      • emkulick says:

        Is that so? So if someone says they’re creeped out and they take action to exclude the person purportedly “creeping them out”, we should just accept it at face value and not look into the details? …All because the “creeper” is male?

        No, that doesn’t sound at all like sexual harassment against me for being male…

        Present evidence that shows that ANYONE should have been “creeped out” by me, not to mention to exclude me from anywhere, and I will respectfully withdraw my accusations.

        Good luck!

        • lol ok says:

          “Sexual harassment”

          You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

        • emkulick says:

          For the sake of saving myself time and energy, I’ll refer you to my reply to Hollaback girl’s comment for my additional comments on the subject. Sexual harassment can happen to both sexes. Intentionally using someones apparent gender to justify treating that person in a way that you are pretty certain will get that person into trouble with others is a form of sexual harassment. Evann made up some claims about her being stared at and feeling uncomfortable, *right after* she went from FB friend and flirting with me at the Bistro to defensively arguing with me on this political post that Juliana posted. Most of her coworkers and many of her other friends took this opportunity to use my apparent gender against me to get the university to punish me. Thankfully some folks at the top realized how poorly Jackie Balzer, head of HR, was handling things. They will be using someone with a legal background to deal with these kinds of matters from now on.

    4. Hollaback Girl says:

      MANY WOMEN (employees and customers) felt uncomfortable with your presence in the Bistro (to be specific, I spoke with over ten women who felt this way). This was not one “slanderous,” “abusive” student targeting you; it was a collective understanding that you made women and customers feel objectified in a public space. In fact, a manager spoke with you and told you this long before you were banned. You had the option to stop and chose not to because of your inflated sense of entitlement. Moreover, naming the women involved in this situation is highly disrespectful since it draws public attention to their experiences with you (which, unless they choose to be involved in this conversation, likely do not want).

      You are not an activist. A true activist does not discredit the population they claim to support when that group’s opinions and feelings are inconvenient. Whether or not women “should” be creeped out by you is irrelevant; your presence negatively affected members of the Willamette community and campus safety acted effectively to protect their safety and wellbeing.

      For reference, staring does in fact constitute sexual harassment (refer to http://www.ggenyc.org/programs/education/what-is-sexual-harassment/) whereas ” ladies at Willamette crying wolf” does not. Just so we’re clear.

      • emkulick says:

        I’ll have you know that one of the deans at the law school informed me that these processes would be handled by individuals educated in the law from now on, so thankfully people won’t be victimized by the overreactions of people like you and your friends. Your definition of sexual harassment is cute. Though I support the idea of improving the interpersonal skills of everyone on the planet, such a definition is not a legal one, because it is not enforceable. I’m sure your definition of activist is equally vague and useless.

        Just because a clique of friends from the Bistro decided to give into the urge to stand with their coworker, friend, and barrista, Evann, as she abused the system, doesn’t mean that a significant number of any type of person legitimately felt uncomfortable with my presence. I’m sure that small group of friends and chummy acquaintances were self-selecting once Evann made multiple scenes after her feelings were unfortunately hurt by the way she took my comments in the thread from the Willamette Collegian Before Our Time page. Social capital is a precious thing, so when folks see an opportunity to make significant advances, throwing someone under the bus is always a possibility, especially when the likelihood of developing social capital with that person is slim.

        Nearly everyone in that campus cafe was either smiling at me or staring in wonder immediately prior to Evann’s overreaction to the thread thread, then suddenly all of these students come forward? I understand that there is a natural tendency to believe someone claiming to be the victim of harassment, especially when that person is a female, but if you don’t look at all the evidence, especially the chronology for all of the claims and reactions to the claims, then it will be easy to fall into the same logical traps that Jonathan Grindell, et. al. did in this thread:

        Has anyone else had Willamette’s disciplinary process abused by fellow students, thanks to the incompetence of our campus security and/or HR? Hit me up. I’d love to see what we can do about it.
        And Jonathan, are you more motivated by politics than purpose? It seems a bit rash to unfriend someone so swiftly after they present evidence absolving them of any wrong doing, eh?

        Who is the Willamette Collegian?
        Juliana Cohen, writer for the Willamette Collegian arranged for Elize Manoukian to write the article, ‘Who is the Crossdressing Mormon?” about me, and then invited me to a group that she created ca…

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        Tarron Anderson Erik Kulick if you are talking about Vegan Jon, he quit facebook and social media all together.
        May 26 at 1:18pm · Like · 1

        Erik Kulick Oh, thats a relief. It was poor timed, given his past conversations w/ me and my recent publication of this evidence of slanderous actions on the part of some of his other friends.
        May 26 at 1:36pm · Like

        Tarron Anderson Interesting
        May 26 at 3:09pm · Unlike · 1

        Jonathan David Grindell I stand with my feminist friends!
        August 7 at 10:40am · Like · 5

        Erik Kulick That doesn’t clarify anything; I’m a feminist as well, Jonathan David Grindell. I just don’t automatically side with a cause because of popular support.

        Do you have any input about the substance, or are you just going along with your pals like these other students?
        August 7 at 11:02am · Like

        Jonathan David Grindell I stand in solidarity with survivors of sexual assault and respect the way they would like to proceed, by any means necessary!
        August 7 at 11:06am · Like · 3

        Erik Kulick I feel the same way.

        How do you feel when women abuse the process provided for those victims in order to harm a man who has done nothing to warrant such treatment?
        August 7 at 11:13am · Like

        Jonathan David Grindell I stand with the 99% of folks who have legit struggles with patriarchy and they are survivors, not victims…
        August 7 at 11:16am · Like · 2

        Erik Kulick That’s great. So do I, but that’s not the question. In the instant case, I was victimized through abuse of the school disciplinary process by some of the undergrads at Willamette, all because of someone taking something I wrote out of context and far too personally. What do you think about that kind of behavior?

        A victim can be a survivor. I get that you are trying to avoid even giving weight to the harm that someone forced upon someone and focusing on the positive, but really it’s just semantics. You’re not going to effectively reach the people you are trying to change if you insist on beating those word horses to death while avoiding the content that the person you are trying to correct is talking to you about.
        August 7 at 11:29am · Like

        Jonathan David Grindell I don’t believe you are were a victim and I don’t support animal cruelty (beating horses)…
        August 7 at 11:48am · Like · 2

        Weslaw Garcia http://imgur.com/5UQ6iXe.gif
        August 7 at 12:10pm · Edited · Like · 4

        Erik Kulick Why not? Because you don’t believe men can be victims? You don’t believe that people who abuse these processes should be held accountable or that their actions should be seen as rising to the level of a harm? You don’t see how the facts support my claim? Can be more specific, or are you just going continue trolling me with word games?
        August 7 at 12:17pm · Like

        Jonathan David Grindell You have been using your white cismale privilege, while acting faux queer when creeping on folks. Just please respect these folks and move on!
        August 7 at 12:19pm · Like

        Erik Kulick What the hell does that mean? WTF do you know about my identity and sexuality!?!

        How was I creeping anyone out? Do you not see the 180 that occurred after this post in Julianna’s group? They wrote an article about me, and then after offering some brainstorming advise because of their disgruntled comments, they got defensive. I then pointed out the fact that they were complaining about things at school in a forum which they themselves demanded needed to avoid political conversations, and then all of a sudden I was receiving unfounded complaints about me staring at people who went from seemingly adoring me to completely hating me. This claim about staring was impossible though, given my work load between working on an asylum dec, brief and application, as well my own divorce appeal.

        I’ve already told you this though, and apparently your loyalty to specific issues is preventing you from engaging on the facts.
        August 7 at 12:44pm · Like

        Jonathan David Grindell Oh, and their not girls, btw:https://www.facebook.com/apstylebook/photos/a.118833031473125.12587.118504834839278/978063425550077

        AP Stylebook
        AP style tip: Girl is applicable until a subject’s 18th birthday. Use woman or young woman afterward.

        August 7 at 12:46pm · Like · 5 · Remove Preview

        Erik Kulick They are all children, boys included, who have been abusing this process at the school, btw, unless they grow up and knock of this high school shit.
        August 7 at 12:48pm · Edited · Like

        Jonathan David Grindell OK boy, when ya gonna graduate finally?
        August 7 at 12:49pm · Like · 3

        Erik Kulick What evidence do you have that I have behaved childishly? I have shown clearly that these kids need to grow up and stop abusing their statuses, yet you have yet to offer anything that isn’t just ad hominem attacks directed toward me.

        Why should there be a finally appended to your comment? Is there something wrong with getting maximum value out of my educational experience?
        August 7 at 12:54pm · Like

        Jonathan David Grindell I’m only asking on behalf of those you have creeped out…
        August 7 at 12:59pm · Edited · Like · 2

        Erik Kulick So because your friends say they were creeped out, you believe them? Even when evidence has been presented to the contrary? Man, you’re gonna be a shitty attorney…
        August 7 at 1:02pm · Like

        Erik Kulick What the hell is “creeped out” and why would someone who had the poor fortune of receiving that label deserve to be the subject of multiple restrictions on campus? Do you not see the dangerous line y’all are crossing when allowing for ambiguous charges like that?
        August 7 at 1:05pm · Like

        Jonathan David Grindell The legal system puts survivors’ cred on trial. Rape culture is tolerated. No thanks!
        August 7 at 1:05pm · Like · 1

        Erik Kulick Rape culture!?! WTF are you babbling about? I was falsely accused of staring at women, not for touching someone.
        August 7 at 1:07pm · Like

        Jonathan David Grindell I was talking about the legal system that you are defending…
        August 7 at 1:07pm · Like · 1

        Erik Kulick Again, you’re confusing subjects.
        August 7 at 1:08pm · Like

        Erik Kulick Innocent till proven guilty is crucial, regardless of subject matter, either way.
        August 7 at 1:10pm · Like

        Jonathan David Grindell …if yr a white cis male.
        August 7 at 1:11pm · Like · 1

        Erik Kulick Of course the justice system is currently still far too corrupt to offer such a guarantee, but it doesn’t negate the need regardless of your misinformed view of who I am and how identify.
        August 7 at 1:14pm · Like

        Jonathan David Grindell Thx 4 clarifying! Take care heart emoticon

        August 7 at 1:16pm · Unlike · 3

        Erik Kulick I wish I could say the same to you, but apparently you don’t have the depth.
        August 7 at 1:17pm · Like

        Jonathan David Grindell …now go git yr dang degree!
        August 7 at 1:17pm · Like · 2

        Erik Kulick Nah, I think I’ll go part time once I get a full time job to make it last one more semester. wink emoticon

        August 7 at 1:20pm · Like

        Erik Kulick I plan on spending the rest of my life in the area, so the university should get used to my frequent presence for good.
        August 7 at 1:24pm · Like

        Erik Kulick Why do you feel the need to hate on non-minorities anyway? Have something against milquetoast?
        August 7 at 9:48pm · Like

        Erik Kulick What do you think of what happened and the way the University is handling this Tarron? Does anyone else in this group have anything productive to add to the conversation, or is this just another forum for trolls and sycophants like any other FB group? I have presented evidence that some of the undergrads are abusing the school disciplinary system and security. These behaviors can not only harm other students and their reputations, but also diminish the benefits and reputation of the processes designed to protect girls and women from *actual* harms in the first place.

        If we want to see *actual* harms, like sexual assault to end, we need to have the necessary conversations to help people understand how to interact with each other, not hide behind the sensitivity of the subject, allowing people to talk shit behind other people’s backs as witch hunts build.
        August 31 at 10:10am · Edited · Like

        Charles Johnson Its true Erik, you are on a path to spend the rest of your life in this place egomaniacally stalking people and institutions over situations you refuse to, or are unable to process with normal mental health skills or goals. You should apply for disability because your victim complex and hypocrisy about maturity/immaturity/ageism mean you are unsuitable to any workplace or learning space. The screenshots and logs of this chat should be used in a lawsuit by anyone, not just your victims but anyone who believes in equality and safety, so that every admissions or HR person who processes your application for anything will learn that you are to toxic to be allowed in any setting that doesn’t default to white cis male coddling/supremacy. You may of course find a codependent partner to marry and have cosign neurosis that brought you to post a 1:50am rant about yourself, victimized by young “girls” so clever, and, shall we say, witchy, that they manipulated the school’s systems to be an unjust tool of oppressing blameless Erik Kulick, who is sane and right, tone-deaf, dismissive, whatever. Save your life, take this thread, show it to a mental health worker, ask them to help you decide if you should strive to be mainstream functional, or if you want to be a bitter jaded, perhaps eternally underemployed or jobless, stalker, rapist in the making, etc. Re:”Nah, I think I’ll go part time once I get a full time job to make it last one more semester.
        Like · More · Aug 7
        Erik Kulick
        I plan on spending the rest of my life in the area, so the university should get used to my frequent presence for good.
        Like · More · Aug 7
        Erik Kulick
        Why do you feel the need to hate on non-minorities anyway? Have something against milquetoast?
        Like · More · Aug 7
        Erik Kulick
        What do you think of the what happened and the way the University is handling this Tarron? Does anyone else in this group have anything productive to add to the conversation, or is this just another forum for trolls and sycophants like any other FB group? I have presented evidence that some of the undergrads are abusing the school disciplinary system and security. These behaviors can not only harm other students and their reputations, but also diminish the benefits and reputation of the processes designed to protect girls and women from *actual* harms in the first place.

        If we want to see *actual* harms, like sexual assault to end, we need to have the necessary conversations to help people understand how to interact with each other, not hide behind the sensitivity of the subject, allowing people to talk shit behind other people’s backs as witch hunts build.” · · Thursday at 1:50am ( i exaggerate of course, you could work for Trump or “Men’s Rights” eccentrics who may finance a normal level of income and a mail order bride for you to torture/train into codependency) facebook.com/emkulick
        August 29 at 10:03am · Edited · Like

        Charles Johnson facebook.com/emkulick/albums/10153150170672287/?refid=17&ref=m_notif&notif_t=like&_ft_=top_level_post_id.10153591717212287&__tn__=CErik Kulick

        Willamette University College of Law


        August 29 at 10:26am · Unlike · 1 · Remove Preview

        Erik Kulick Thanks for the attention, Charles Johnson. I love how you don’t know me or what I’ve been through at all, yet you somehow have me pegged as a cis male and have the nerve to accuse me of stalking and being on track to become a future rapist.

        What does the time that I posted those comments or their content have to do with any of the qualities that you are accusing me of possessing? I am glad to be a student at Willamette, unlike Elize Manoukian and Juliana Cohen, as is illustrated by all of our comments in the thread that this post links to, and I have as much of a right to spend my time on campus as any other students/future alumni. I’ve clearly shown that these children are abusing the school disciplinary processes because of hurt feelings, and somehow I’m still the bad guy?

        Taking comments out of context and making slanderous statements to attempt to discredit and ruin me may end up bringing the impending lawsuit your way as well, Charles. If you can’t take a moment to engage like a normal person about these real issues, get lost.
        August 31 at 10:28am · Like

        Juliana Cohen Why do you keep tagging me? It’s been months. Neither Elize nor I even bring this up any more. It’s time to move on
        August 31 at 11:11am · Like · 6

        Erik Kulick I figured I’d tag y’all, since you were added to the group byJonathan David Grindell conveniently around the time that he decided to snarkily respond. I would have tagged Evann Zoe Zuckerman as well had I realized then that he had done so.

        It is time to move on, but this cannot happen if everyone ignores the harms that have unnecessarily occurred and continue to occur.

        I have taken a complaint through the Office of Civil Rights against the university and will be pursuing a lawsuit against it and Evann for abusing the processes that are actually designed to help people who have experienced real harms or harassment. Maybe if y’all would have dealt with this properly when y’all *were* “bringing it up”, then maybe it wouldn’t have had to come down to things like this.

        If these things really are as important to the students at our school as everyone makes them out to be, lets actually get together and figure out some real solutions. Even Evann herself can stop reinforcing Evann’s bold-faced lies against me for the sake of popularity by coming forward about the truth and trying to work together.
        September 6 at 3:51pm · Like

        Elize Manoukian This is annoying and I’ve submitted this thread to FB for review
        September 6 at 3:56pm · Like · 4

        Erik Kulick Being tagged is annoying? It’s a normal function of Facebook’s designed to encourage more interaction. You’re free to block whom ever you want. Maybe next you don’t want to interact with someone, you should suggest to friends like Jonathan that you’d prefer not to add you to groups where they are childishly attacking those people.

        Does anyone have something constructive to offer concerning how to identify and prevent unwanted situations at our universities, or is this group just another FB echo chamber like that Willamette Collegian Before our Time page?
        September 6 at 6:29pm · Like

        Juliana Cohen What would be constructive to you?
        September 6 at 6:38pm · Unlike · 2

        Erik Kulick How about petitioning our governments and other institutions to create programs with early screening, classes, and individualized counseling dealing with helping to ensure the proper development of the social skills and abilities necessary to enable people to develop heathy relationships and prevent unwanted contact and behaviors? How about reaching out to help groups like the homeless with these kinds of issues as well?

        If we can help those people most likely to perpetrate these harms, we will be helping those who are most likely to be the unfortunate recipients of those harms as well.
        September 6 at 7:03pm · Like

        Juliana Cohen Why don’t you do that instead of this?
        September 6 at 7:06pm · Like · 4

        Erik Kulick What am I doing? Do I not have a right to defend my self? I have been slandered by someone you still apparently call friend, and instead of trying to encourage a responsible solution, y’all reinforce the slanderous statements by coming at me as if I were some how guilty of something.

        Why do I deserve this?
        September 13 at 6:48pm · Like

        Erik Kulick BTW, Juliana, et al, I do intend on helping to bring to pass the kind of reforms that I’ve suggested, in addition to reforms that others suggest. I just need folks to stop shitting on me every time their friends do so and stand up with me so that I can finally get the support I need.
        September 13 at 7:55pm · Like

        Tarron Anderson Maybe it’s your approach Erik, its very accusatory and confrontational.
        September 13 at 7:59pm · Like · 2

        Tarron Anderson Try, I feel this, I felt like versus you are…
        September 13 at 8:00pm · Edited · Like

        Juliana Cohen It really doesn’t help that you refuse to listen to any criticism and that you call me and my friends children when we’re >21
        September 13 at 8:26pm · Like · 1

        Tarron Anderson Over or under?
        September 13 at 8:26pm · Like

        Juliana Cohen over haha or equal to
        September 13 at 8:27pm · Like · 1

        Jonathan David Grindell Here’s to stemming the tide of mass incarceration, the actual purpose of the National Lawyers Guild.
        September 15 at 12:49pm · Like · 3

        Erik Kulick I admit that Jonathan’s untimely stepping away from Facebook at the exact time that Evann decided to make up claims against me (which shouldn’t have even warranted anywhere near the reaction from the university that I got had the claims been true) caused me to react with offense, but I had already apologized for my pretty innocuous comment to Jonathan multiple times for having mistaken a correlation, Tarron. Additionally, none of my comments in the thread above (which show the real reason for these false claims that have been made against me) were accusitory or confrontational. I simply tried to reign in the political conversation which had devolved into a lot of negativity about the conditions at the school by suggesting that we try to figure things out by discussing the actual issues. Do you not see how bizarre the claims of harassment are now? I am not asking for input on my general communication style, Tarron. I want people to address this strange turn of events specifically.

        Over 2 months after this confusion had seemed to be settled between us, Jonathan invited Evann, Juliana, and Elize to this group, and then proceeded to reply to me as if I was guilty of some form of harassment or discrimination. Once I challenged him to do some footwork and explain himself, he resorted to ad hominem attacks which I was reminded of when I saw the most recent South Park:

        South Park – Stunning and Brave – “Check Someone’s Privilege”

        3 hrs · Like · Remove Preview

        Tarron Anderson I understand what you are saying, but regardless if you frame your argument in a an angry and argumentative tone all it does is alienate your chosen audience no matter how right you are…speaking as a black man in America. Think about it is all I am saying…
        2 hrs · Edited · Like · 2

        Evann Zoe Zuckerman STOP tagging me.
        2 hrs · Like · 2

        Juliana Cohen The phrase “making a mountain out of a molehill” applies. I’m not going to go in detail here, but I’ve dealt with administrative abuses firsthand here that affect my life directly, but you don’t see me or anyone else spamming groups in the way that you have been doing. It’s ridiculous that because of ONE campus restriction you keep imploring people to take part in a discussion that a) no one else wants to partake in and b) has become really a soapbox for you. Look at the state of the world right now–is this the most pressing issue? As a self proclaimed activist your dedication to taking me, Evann and Elize down (in the courts?) seems ridiculous considering its smallness. Before you declare us to be silly children, take a look at the lengths you have gone to in order to prolong your crusade.
        1 hr · Edited · Like · 3

        Tarron Anderson Food for thought here.
        2 hrs · Like · 1

        Erik Kulick As I’ve said, I tag everyone that I am able to when referring to them, so as to ensure that the people I’m speaking about can have a fair opportunity to reply. If you don’t wan’t people tagging you, you are free to block the function or you could even just ignore the tags, Evann. You’re also free to address the actual facts about what happened so you can finally explain why you acted so strangely and to withdraw the false claims that you made against me.

        You may also want to reconsider who you include in your circle of friends, asJonathan felt it would be a cute idea to bring you into this group just before telling me off like the big tough “cis male” he presumptively accused me of being.

        Juliana, spamming connotes mindlessly bombarding people with advertising for the sake of merely selling something. I’ve been trying to engage my fellow students on very serious issues in order to improve the environment on campus.

        You don’t think it is a big deal for someone to use administrative abuses to harm people? Why not? When have you been the victim of someone else’s abuse of administration, and why did you let it slide?

        What happened to me wasn’t just ONE restriction. It was also something that has caused people who had been friends with me to unfriend me and to even talk shit about me. This thread alone is evidence if this. I was also recently approached by the university as they’ve decided to conduct a level 2 administrative hearing after all of this bullshit that Evann made up. I could potentially be kicked out of school after I receive the results, but whatever, its just ONE restriction, right? I have a goddamn mortgage worth of debt, and thanks to a mere abuse of administrative process by your pal, it could soon be worthless! I don’t want to take anyone to court, but if y’all keep trying to save face, it might have to end up that way.

        Before you write me off as a petty asshole, maybe you should think about the grown-up consequences of your actions and inactions; sitting idly by as your friend screws someone else over is as harmful as doing it yourself.

        I DIDN’T keep pushing the issue, it was Jonathan who brought y’all into the group so that he could look cool while talking shit to me. When I again challenged ANY of you to actually address the FACTS, y’all insisted on making it seem like your collective ignoring of the *actual* issues was justifiable and all my fault.

        Maybe none of you want to talk about the actual issues, but y’all sure as hell wanted to read what I had to say and then make me seem like a curmudgeon who gets what he deserves.

        If you understand the evidence I have shown you, Tarron, why not address it? I have a right to be angry, but have actually kept my cool for quite a while now.

        I asked you all before, and will ask again:

        Why do I deserve this?
        7 mins · Like

    5. Pingback: Dogmata Ecclesiasties | emkulick

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