Dogmata Ecclesiasties


Having walked to dozens and dozens of religious services over the course of two years and having spent the last five years attending law school, I have come to realize that dogma is one of the most dangerous and ubiquitous ideological tools employed by people within society. For society to function as a unit, the vast majority of its members must be willing to use their brains to analyze enough of the right kinds of data to make informed decisions, especially within their communities and electoral systems. Critical thought is necessary when analyzing these types of data, which is why dogma is so dangerous. A dogma is the kind of idea which those who hold to be true are unwilling to seriously consider any alternatives.

While the most dangerous forms of dogma are found in the religious and political realms, dogma can always creep in where ever people are unwilling to critically think about any specific subject. Even in groups that seem to be above such intellectual laziness, dogma abounds. While most dogmata can be clearly identified within our primary social groupings, plenty of dogmata go unnoticed as a result of of them coming from our subconscious behaviors. The dogmata of popularity, though tough to pin down compared to those of politics or religion, are present nonetheless.

The primary dogma of popularity, “ALWAYS strive to BE popular”, feeds all of the other dogmata associated with the acquiring of that elusive social capital. This can manifest in various ways, as everyone has different standards for what it means to be popular and among whom, but strive we so often do. While there is nothing wrong with desiring to make friends, far too often people are willing to jeopardize the social capital of others if it means increasing their own. This is especially true when that “other” is not a part of the popular group.

The idea that someone perceived to be a victim is to be fully trusted while the individual perceived as the offender must be distrusted is a common dogma related to this dogma of popularity. Again, our standards differ on when and why someone should be perceived as a victim or an offender, which makes it similarly difficult to track the way these dogmata manifest. Other difficulties with this dogma are that hardly anyone is ever likely to have all of the facts straight and very few people are actively trying to harm others in the first place. This means that most “victimizations” are unintentional. That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of reckless people out there or that people are always imagining harms, but just because someone has a negative reaction to another person’s behavior, doesn’t mean there was malicious intent. Unfortunately these popularity dogmata often go unchecked by those who are able to recognize them, usually because even these folks simply don’t want to risk taking a hit to their own social capital.

Coming to law school, especially in the NW during this technological renaissance we’re in, I thought I would find plenty of fellow legal minds courageous enough to be dedicated to advancing social justice. Sadly, it seems I was mistaken. Lovely platitudes about the subject are found all over campus at Willamette University and in the language of its students, but debt and desire seem to have driven even this student body toward self-centered attitudes and intellectual apathy. I was even falsely accused of staring at school employee Evann Zuckerman AFTER she clearly UNfriended me instead over our interaction online. The school administrators took her word without even examining the evidence and slanderously reinforced her false claims by banning me from the school cafe and attempting to drag me through a separate disciplinary hearing over separate, innocuous reasons. I currently have an investigation open with the Office of Civil Rights against Willamette University for the reverse discrimination they have perpetrated against me by refusing to properly investigate these claims.

Here’s how the few friends from the Willamette National Lawyers Guild Student Chapter who even bothered to speak up recently reacted when I broached the subject:

Tarron Anderson

I have no words.

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Aaron Johnson

Aaron JohnsonThe comments on popcorn worthy.

Tarron AndersonMan, I just took a look… Definitely on that Mike Jack meme.

Kyheim ShallahSmfh LMFAO…. like, what did I do

Kyheim Shallah's photo.

Aaron JohnsonHow is this different than blaming the actions on one person who happens to be Muslim on all Muslims?

Marcus GipsonWow…. To an extent, I would agree or find amusement…. White privilege is real. It exists. But give me a break. This is about as racist as saying the malls of South Chicago only sell baby clothes and sneakers.

Kyheim ShallahThere’s this thing called “Cause and Effect”… See Americans like to play slow or crazy about the reasons why we are so hated around the world. Oppression from the Caucasian has been felt by many races, not just blacks. I don’t see how this is “racist” when it’s pointing out the obvious. Now it was suppose to be a little tongue n cheek because who is actually persecuting white folks?

Kyheim Shallah's photo.

Kyheim ShallahAaron, Trump could probably answer that better than me because that’s his way of thinking.

Marcus GipsonYes, I completely won’t continue this discussion since you completely won me over with that Trump comment.

Kyheim, have a wonderful day. Cheers.

Kyheim ShallahLol no doubt… Peace to you bro! Enjoy the rest of your day.

Tarron AndersonI must be dreaming, Marcus did not… Good on you Marcus and all the participants on this thread.

Marcus GipsonWhen the focus is on differences, negativity and division prevail. Division ultimately leads to extremism and hate.

The fact is, “Ain’t nobody got time for dat.” (Yes, I actually knew that lady, she lived down the street from me in OKC) No time for that; especially when people like Donald are in the mix.

Cheers to you my friend, and best of luck on this last week.

I vouch (and invite all others to vouch):



Erik KulickTarron Anderson If only the same could be said about how you’ve handled the thread.

Erik KulickThankfully, at least Marcus Gipson is usually here to help you get your foot out of your mouth, Tarron.

But I wouldn’t know, cause I’m never on your wall…

Erik Kulick
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Kyle Torseth

Kyle TorsethThat family looks like they have it rough. They probably had to settle for the HSE Range Rover instead of the Supercharged as a result of the oppression.

Kyheim Shallah^^^^ lol the Supercharged Sport

Tarron AndersonThey are really a good looking family, I hope they have the Supercharged Range Rover.

Jason HoganDad looks lime his hitting mid life, probably just picked up a new Charger Hellcat. But, he got a great deal.

Kenneth Boydsorry white people

Kenneth Boyd's photo.

Erik KulickDoubly so when we’re *cis male* white folk……/who-is-the-willamette…/

Juliana Cohen, writer for the Willamette Collegian arranged for Elize Manoukian to write the article, ‘Who…
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Erik KulickOh, but if a white, straight, cis male tells a joke about ANYONE else, THEN it’s time to privilege check? I asked you and the rest of my law school pals In the Portland Nlg student chapter to put some thought into my run-in w/ the reverse discrimination that resulted from Evann Zuckerman’s slanderous abuse of the school disciplinary system, and all I got was apathy and ‘tude from y’all. Then to top it all off, a bunch of kids from the undergrad side of campus who had been invited in by Jonathan to help him talk shit kept harassing me until a fellow admin who prefers popular opinion over due process ironically kicked me out of the group affiliated w/ the National Lawyers Guild. WTF, man.…/dad-did-you-draw-dicks-on…

Tarron Anderson
Like · Reply · 1 · 21 hrsTarron Anderson

Tarron AndersonIf you want to do this, I mean really do this. Let me know. I am ready to go all the fuck the way in.

Erik KulickAll the way in where? The subject of discussion I invited y’all to broach in the Portland Nlg group? Or distracting meme land? Am I typing English when I try to communicate with folks on FB? I swear I get far more virtual blank stares than I ever thought humanly possible on the Internet.

Tarron AndersonThis is not that. I am not gonna feed into your Martyr complex. All you do is point the finger outward and never inward. The whole world is against you. You are perfect. You can miss me with that shit man.

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Erik Kulick

Erik KulickWhy do you say I have a martyr complex? I was wronged, and I pointed it out, but that doesn’t make me a martyr. I invited y’all to discuss the situation. How does that equate to pointing fingers? All you have done since posting “interesting” on the thread of mine in the comment above is make accusations like the last one after seeing your friends do so.

Why do you bother to reply if you don’t want to get into the actual details of what happened? Is this how you’d reply to a letter from an opposing attorney, much less a friend?

I say again, WTF, man?

Tarron AndersonRead your thread again. Try to be objective and you might find the closure you seek.

Erik KulickWhat a lovely way to avoid honest questions. Maybe you should look to get into a field of law that doesn’t deal with tough subjects that affect folks personally.

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Erik Kulick

Erik KulickI guess the caption for this meme you posted is correct; you have no words, at least, like most folks, when it comes to getting into subjects that butt up against your social circle too uncomfortably.

Unfortunately, the only folks who ever do have words are the angry trolls, so folks like me will always be discriminated against.

It’s no wonder racism and all the other minority-centered phobias still exist today. If only educated folks could figure out the meaning of that “I have dream” speech…

Tarron AndersonPlease, talk to me when you comment on my posts about systemic racism, gay rights, women’s rights, people of color repeatedly being killed unarmed…until you do that, your opinion does not mean shit to me.

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Erik Kulick

Erik KulickSo, because I haven’t been killed, I’m in no place to talk? I WAS assaulted by LDS leaders and police for being someone that they despise, which is no different in principle than any of those poor folks who have experienced the extreme.

Have you experienced something like this, or are you the one in no place to talk?

I again invite you to put some actual thought into what happened to me during ANY of these times that folks have abused me through manipulating the system.

Tarron AndersonNo, because you come on my wall with your personal shit, and don’t comment on the issues I talk about any other time. You can kindly fuck off.

Tarron Anderson

Tarron AndersonYou, you, you! You are not the only person who has got a raw deal. Get the fuck on with your life man. What you are doing does not work. Try a different tactic like investing in other people’s shit, and maybe they will care about yours too!

Like · Reply · 1 · 20 hrsErik Kulick

Erik KulickNo, that’s just an excuse. Had someone else popped up on your wall w/ evidence of some injustice that had befallen them at the hands of someone you weren’t already acquainted with, you would probably jump on the injustice bandwagon. You just happen to have relationships with some of the people becoming involved with this fiasco, so you dig your heels in and growl even more at me.

Move on? My life is supposed to BE Willamette! I payed a goddamn mortgage to develop a reputation which nearly an entire school seems hellbent on destroying or ambivalent about defending. What am I doing, Tarron? I’ve tried to engage with the people at school who I *thought* were passionate about social justice, but instead I continually run into people more concerned with their own reputations than anything else. Oh well, what did I expect coming to a school preparing folks for a field designed to feed or destroy those precious images of ours?

Tarron AndersonYou obviously don’t come to my wall at all.

Like · Reply · 1 · 19 hrsErik Kulick

Erik KulickOh, but I do. Just because I don’t spend every lunch break hanging out here doesn’t mean otherwise. I’ve shared plenty of your shit and you’ve shared some of mine.

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Tarron Anderson

Tarron AndersonApparently you don’t know how I treat pretentious people who only comment when their narrative is affected. I have given you more responses than you deserve. I talk about inequality and systemic racism but also talk about accountability. Especially personal accountability. The world is fucked up and the there are many boogie men and women out there. As individuals we have to be introspective of our relationship with society. You feel wronged and young people felt creeped out. Regardless whether right or wrong something you did set off alarms. As a white male with privilege you may find it difficult to comprehend how your society turned on you. Here is my thought, who gives a fuck? There are populations who will never be afforded the opportunity you have squandered because you refuse to wear a suit or don’t understand how you creeped out undergrads. So a bit of advice that someone once gave me. Get over your fucking self. With that, good luck, graduate, and move on. Focus on your kids and the rest of your life.

Erik Kulick

Erik KulickI don’t only comment on things when only my narrative is affected, but even if I had, what the fuck does it have to do with a person coming on to your wall and talking about a subject you invited conversation on by posting a dumb ass racist meme in the first place? It’s kind of like when Juliana Posted that politically charged image in the school group she created, criticizing the university no less, and then ironically had the nerve to start criticizing me for political comments after she and her friends got a good round of shit talking in about the university.

It was this thread, which I posted via comment above, which set off the school paper/bistro employee to allege that I had stared at her AFTER she friended me and she and all her friends were gawking at me!

Thanks to society’s propensity to always trust purported victims so long as they’re non-white cis males, she convinced all her long time coworkers that I had stared at her. Even though such a behavior should always be seen as a non-offense on its own, it still bothered enough of them for them to rally behind her. For what? How could any of them have suffered, even if there had been staring going on? I will gladly take accountability for anything I’ve done or not done in my life. I’m just waiting for you or someone else to let me in on what that is in this case.

Is it because I’m white that you assume I’m privileged per se? Just because I haven’t experienced society turning on me for my race or gender, doesn’t mean I haven’t had society treat me like shit for significant periods of my lifetime for different, still unnecessary reasons. Just because there are people with less opportunity than me, doesn’t make me privileged either. I have been as poor or poorer than the majority of Americans that I meet for much of my life, so again, I’m not sure where this default privilege you see hanging off me is coming from.

So that’s what this comes down to? You think I haven’t achieved success yet because I don’t like wearing male suit styles? I have worn proper dresses to interviews and legal functions of all sorts, including court, because that IS how I identify. Whether or not my gender matches precisely the type of people your or Jonathan think deserve to wear it is irrelevant.

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Tarron Anderson

Tarron AndersonMy reputation is built on my actions and reactions to positive/negative feedback and criticism, as well as how I respond to each. Please do not come at me with your shit anymore I have more important battles to fight than to affirm your privilege being revoked.

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Erik Kulick

Erik KulickIf you have more important shit to deal with, go tend, bro. I’m sure your reputation of inadequately addressing details and falling into crowd-think will get you far.

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Erik KulickSorry Kenneth Boyd, I just had better shit to do for a bit there than humor this unwarranted bigotry. IF only y’all had the courage to actually address the details, instead of filling your wall with platitudes and ad hominem attacks at people who thought you were their friend enough to share with you, then maybe all of our time would be better spent.

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Erik Kulick
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I cross-dress to religious services of all sorts to inspire critical thought as I work toward a "heaven" in the here-and-now.
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2 Responses to Dogmata Ecclesiasties

  1. emkulick says:

    Thankfully, unlike the folks who decided to weigh in on the NLG post of mine that was pulled, the federal government seems to be interested in due process.

  2. emkulick says:

    The saga continues; when will the students at Willamette University realize that they are furthering the harms that the administration had previously rubber stamped? Maybe when the university also finally comes clean and apologizes:

    Erik Kulick shared Dr. Farrah Gray’s photo.

    4 hrs ·

    It looks like Evann Zoe Zuckerman isn’t the only person making false claims about folks! It’s ALWAYS innocent till proven guilty! Real rape/harassment victims should sue these liars! ‪#‎YesAllWomen‬ ‪#‎YouOKSis‬ ‪#‎Jesus‬

    Dr. Farrah Gray’s photo.
    Dr. Farrah GrayLike Page

    May 20, 2014 ·
    The woman who falsely accused football star Brian Banks of raping her is being forced to pay big time.

    A judge has ordered that the woman pay $2.6 million to Banks for ruining his life with false allegations. The lies caused him to lose numerous scholarship offers to college and also led to a prison sentence of over five years.

    Wanetta Gibson told lies to authorities when she accused Banks of assaulting her when the two attended Long Beach Poly High, where Banks was both a student and football star.

    After the conviction, the girl sued the school district and received $1.5 million. The conviction was overturned when Gibson was secretly recorded admitting that she made the whole thing up.

    Years later, Gibson confessed and Banks was released. The woman is being forced to repay a $750,000 settlement to the school, plus attorneys fees, interest and another $1 million in punitive damages.



    Andrea Risolo Of course false reporting is harmful to victims, but this is not the same thing and it’s actually pretty offensive to equate your situation to this one. Do you not see that you are now continuing the harassment online? You need to calm down and let this go. Sorry you can’t go to one coffee shop anymore.

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    Erik Kulick How am I continuing harassment? It’s not my fault Evann Zoe Zuckerman still has her settings set so that FB automatically tags her. Also, addressing harms that one has befallen by an abusive person like herself is never harassment. That sounds like you are victim blaming.

    But why should I bother explaining something like this who hasn’t gone through the necessary training to understand such complex subjects. After all, it was because of this harassment that I received that the school is finally making sure that the person it employs to deal with Title IX issues will be legally *trained* from this point forward.

    It is degrees of the exact same thing because it’s abuse of process regarding abusive behavior. Additionally, the harassment I was subjected to by her false claims goes far beyond access to one shitty little high school-minded cafe. As a result of that treatment, the school attempted to help her drag my name through the mud by instituting a disciplinary hearing which was intended on kicking me out of school before I had the chance to pay for their grossly overpriced education. Thankfully the Office of Civil Rights has enough educated folks around to see how poorly y’all have handled it at Willamette University. It’s also interesting, the school told me that I wouldn’t be able to qualify for more loans this semester, but after they received this from the OCR, I magically had loan money!

    Just because you and Celine (a kid at least smart enough to understand how to change her FB settings) are friends with my harasser, doesn’t mean you have to keep helping her harass me on-line.

    See y’all next semester!

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    Celine Sannes-Pond · 13 mutual friends

    call me “her” one more goddamn time. I use “they” pronouns. Enough with the misgendering.

    Also, I’ve been trained fairly extensively in Title IX, and I still think you’re behaving in a way that’s unacceptably aggressive, so two can play the “no one else is qualified to talk about this except me” game.

    You also have a ***choice*** to tag someone. If you don’t fully understand how FB technology works that’s cool, technology is weird sometimes, but here’s how it works: When FB wants to automatically tag someone, you can either hit “enter” which automatically inserts the tag, or you can press the space bar to keep typing without tagging. Now that you know this, go ahead and un-tag Evann, and don’t tag her in the future, and we can avoid having this whole conversation again!

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    Celine Sannes-Pond · 13 mutual friends

    Also, proof that you have a choice to tag someone or not: every time I typed Evann’s name facebook suggested that I tag her. Notice that Evann is not tagged in any of my comments? You, too, can avoid dragging her into offensive bullshit conversations.

    Like · Reply · 1 · 1 hr

    Erik Kulick It’s a good thing I was put on notice about your preferred pronoun, zero goddamn times.

    Like I said in these conversations before, I tag everyone, so please get your foamy harassment off my wall.

    Are you threatening to continue harassing me if I refuse to comply!?!

    Celine: “…But hey, at least I’m well versed in Title IX, so fuck off.”

    Thanks for engaging, they!

    Dogmata Ecclesiasties
    Having walked to hundreds of religious services over the course of two years and having spent…

    Like · Reply · Remove Preview · 1 hr · Edited

    Andrea Risolo I honestly don’t think you, Erik Kulick, know what the words “victim” OR “harassment” means. You, Erik Kulick, had disciplinary actions taken against you, Erik Kulick, bc you were the perpetrator. I don’t see how you, Erik Kulick, can get that confused? Also I have had Title IX training thx, so no, you, Erik Kulick don’t need to spew anymore bullshit my way. Thanks for the mandatory training tho, its a great improvement! I am now officially qualified to recognize that you, Erik Kulick are harassing someone online!
    All I’m going to say is I am thankful I don’t have to interact w you, Erik Kulick in the Bistro ever. Or online. Bc you, Erik Kulick, are a bully and incapable of seeing beyond your, Erik Kulick’s, own perspective.

    Like · Reply · 1 · 1 hr

    Erik Kulick I did have false claims brought against me, as your friend and fellow harasser pointed out, so like this poor soul Brian Banks, I a victim (Disclaimer: The harm that befell Brian Banks is certainly of a greater *magnitude*).

    Cool! You have training too!?!

    I never said you had to interact with me, and there in lies the rub between the kinds of false harassment that gets treated like true harassment and true harassment itself: If someone looks at someone, they haven’t harassed them. If they stare at that person, they haven’t harassed them either. It takes interaction for harassment to take place. Harassment is a verb, m’kay?

    Now stop harassing me, and make like Evann, a kid who finally learned how to use her FB in a way that wasn’t intentionally baiting other people to “harass” they (singular), thereby bringing on the wrath of you bullies…

    Like · Reply · 37 mins

    Andrea Risolo Once again, where did Celine say anything like that? How is me calling you out on harassing someone harassing you? That’s being a little hypocritical seeing as you refuse to stop tagging Evann in your posts. (Mmmmm’kay?)

    Like · Reply · 32 mins

    Erik Kulick Andrea Risolo Celine made a vague comment attempting to justify her support for stifling these examples of false claims, and I read it as an admission. My bad.

    To be precise, you are further making false claims against me, based off of the false claims made by your The Bistro Willamette buddy, which is technically libel. Libel, if done repeatedly, becomes harassment as well. Make sense now?

    Like · Reply · 14 mins · Edited

    Andrea Risolo please refer to celine by their preferred pronoun

    Unlike · Reply · 1 · 16 mins

    Erik Kulick Andrea Risolo

    South Park – Stunning and Brave – “Check…

    Like · Reply · Remove Preview · 10 mins

    Andrea Risolo Are you ridiculing my suggestion that you be a decent person and make the simple change of referring to someone by their preferred pronoun? i trust you saw that I asked for you to stop tagging me and that I would like to not engage further and are willfully ignoring it? Please don’t respond to this, I think this conversation is over and there is nothing else to be gained.

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    Erik Kulick
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    Celine Sannes-Pond · 13 mutual friends

    This is incredibly distasteful and offensive. Andrea is absolutely right, this is harassment, and it is not ok.

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    Erik Kulick How is this harassment? It’s not my fault Evann Zoe Zuckerman still has her settings set so that FB automatically tags her. Also, addressing harms that one has befallen by an abusive person like herself is never harassment. That sounds like you are victim blaming.

    But why should I bother explaining something like this who hasn’t gone through the necessary training to understand such complex subjects. After all, it was because of this harassment that I received that the school is finally making sure that the person it employs to deal with Title IX issues will be legally *trained* from this point forward.

    It is degrees of the exact same thing because it’s abuse of process regarding abusive behavior. Additionally, the harassment I was subjected to by her false claims goes far beyond access to one shitty little high school-minded cafe. As a result of that treatment, the school attempted to help her drag my name through the mud by instituting a disciplinary hearing which was intended on kicking me out of school before I had the chance to pay for their grossly overpriced education. Thankfully the Office of Civil Rights has enough educated folks around to see how poorly y’all have handled it at Willamette University. It’s also interesting, the school told me that I wouldn’t be able to qualify for more loans this semester, but after they received this from the OCR, I magically had loan money!

    Just because you are friends with my harasser, doesn’t mean you have to keep helping her harass me on-line.

    See y’all next semester!

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    Andrea Risolo Did you just copy and paste the same comment here?

    Unlike · Reply · 4 · 1 hr

    Erik Kulick You both deserve the same response, so why waste more time on this hatred spewing forth from all you Willamette University students harassing me? I only lost access to a cafe? What about this attitude toward me immediately prior to those, as your friend Celine admits, false claims? Seems like I lost a lot to go from this, to the most hated person in The Bistro Willamette history, no?

    Who is the cross-dressing mormon? – Willamette Collegian

    Like · Reply · Remove Preview · 59 mins

    Andrea Risolo I think you think we/anyone cares more about you than we do. That’s pretty narcissistic to title yourself “most hated person in The Bistro history.” Honestly no one talks about you until you start harassing people online.

    Like · Reply · 1 · 56 mins

    Erik Kulick Andrea Risolo …And then students who used to have crushes on me prior to the false claims made against me feel the need to atone for their past feelings. Get a life, children.

    Like · Reply · 47 mins

    Celine Sannes-Pond HAHAHAHA oh boy

    Unlike · Reply · 2 · 45 mins

    Andrea Risolo I don’t understand what you’re trying to say? I had a crush on you? And now I don’t? So I decide to say something about your online harassment? Bc I’m no longer blinded by… my crush?

    Like · Reply · 44 mins

    Celine Sannes-Pond

    Like · Reply · 1 · 43 mins

    Andrea Risolo this is amazing. This must be a performance art piece. there is no other explanation.

    Like · Reply · 1 · 42 mins

    Erik Kulick Celine Sannes-Pond Look, even Anna Carlin, another prior chrush-holder is getting in on the action! This is adorable you guys! I didn’t know y’all secretly love me this much! heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon

    Like · Reply · 34 mins

    Erik Kulick Andrea Risolo It’s called kids who don’t realize they’ve got their feet stuck in their mouth/throat areas. wink emoticon

    Like · Reply · 33 mins

    Andrea Risolo Wow that is so narcissistic I can’t even stand it. You are not the martyr you think you are

    Like · Reply · 29 mins

    Erik Kulick Because I stand up for myself while you repeatedly attack me? Sounds like I just don’t see myself as the doormat you think I deserve to be. Y’all keep claiming that I behaved in an inappropriate way, yet none of you have advance a reason for how OR why any of my actions have been inappropriate.

    Keep up the harassment, and we’ll really see how far this lawsuit will extend beyond the university!

    Like · Reply · 25 mins

    Andrea Risolo I’m done. Please do not tag me, Celine, or Evann in anything ever again. You are free to have your own opinions, but we are also free to disagree with you. I have said nothing offensive, simply warning you that you are harassing someone and advising you to stop. This conversation is over but I wish you the best semester.

    Like · Reply · 19 mins

    Erik Kulick Nothing offensive? Because you declare it so? Fuck off, you cowards.

    Anna Carlin you’re a disgusting human being and the fact that you haven’t been banned from campus is a travesty, indicative of general Willamette attitudes re: harassment
    Like · Reply · 6 mins

    Erik Kulick Andrea Risolo, I’ve also copied and pasted this evidence of your collective harassment into the on-going thread about students making harassing statements like Anna’s above!

    Like · Reply · Just now

    Write a reply…

    Celine Sannes-Pond

    Celine Sannes-Pond · 13 mutual friends

    Let’s look at the many things that make this offensive, also: First, you have been found responsible for behaving in ways that aren’t acceptable and make others feel unsafe. That’s your bad. Universities are notoriously bad at deciding in a complainant’s favor, so really, the fact that they decided against you makes it particularly clear that you probably should just re-evaluate the way you treat women instead of continuing to harass them and make them feel MORE unsafe. Fuck you for thinking you’re entitled to more of Evann’s time just so you can make her feel unsafe.

    Second, do you seriously think that going to jail is just as bad as not being able to go to one specific coffee shop anymore? How are these things at all equivalent?

    Third, the number of false accusations is fucking miniscule. You are actively discrediting all rape victims’ stories by trying to get others to believe that false accusations happen frequently. They don’t.

    Fourth, back to the coffee shop thing. You have your own coffee shop at the law school. Go to there. Or go to any number of other coffee shops in the very caffeinated city of Salem. Or graduate and stop frequenting school coffee shops entirely. Move on.

    Like · Reply · 5 · 1 hr

    Erik Kulick Go back and check my other reply to see why these claims you’re making against me are false.

    I never said what I went through is as bad as jail. That is an assumption y’all are making, b/c you obviously can’t see when the comparison is among degrees of the same kinds of behavior, not disparate subjects.

    So you admit the allegations were false, yet feel the need to continue harassing ME!?!

    I’ll see y’all in the Bistro soon, as the claims were obviously false by your own admission, and therefore unnecessary!

    Like · Reply · 1 hr

    Andrea Risolo What are you talking about?

    Like · Reply · 1 hr

    Andrea Risolo Where do they say anything close to that?

    Like · Reply · 1 hr

    Erik Kulick Why else would my dean inform me that they are, from now on, going to have someone competent managing the Title IX department instead of Jackie Balzer, the head of HR who refused to do her job so that she could help the “victim” harasser? Why else would I *suddenly* have access to loan money necessary for me to complete my degree, immediately AFTER the Office of Civil Rights sent this letter to me? Are you having that hard of a time piecing things together? Y’all lost, get over it, kiddos.

    Like · Reply · 49 mins

    Kelen Kaiser Erik Kulick, so they can keep enrollment up (a win for them, not you), you can get deeper into debt (more money for them, not you), and find yourself having a hard time getting employment after graduation because this is all on the public record when would be employers google your name (no downside for them, they already got your money). So who is “winning” again because it clearly isn’t you?

    Like · Reply · 1 · 35 mins

    Erik Kulick Kelen Kaiser Are you unable to follow timelines, Keller the Harasser?

    Like · Reply · 32 mins

    Erik Kulick Why would they withhold the loan money in the first place?

    Like · Reply · 32 mins
    Erik Kulick
    Write a reply…

    Tom LaVoie Professionalism in sports…. Great example for the youth watching.
    Vote or DIE 2016
    why bother?

    Like · Reply · 1 hr

    Erik Kulick I know, these kids couldn’t tell the difference between an assertion and the reasoning behind it even if it bit them in the ass…

    Like · Reply · 30 mins
    Erik Kulick
    Write a reply…

    Alexandra Walker go away plz

    Like · Reply · 2 · 20 mins

    Erik Kulick Says more students coming on to MY wall to harass me…

    I’m sorry that y’all are hell bent on preserving social order for your childish selves to the point where you’d get yourselves involved in this abhorrent behavior, but if you keep it up, I will be including all of you in my lawsuit.

    You’ve all been warned.

    Like · Reply · 11 mins · Edited

    Juliana Cohen this is a public post…

    Like · Reply · 1 · 9 mins

    Alexandra Walker lol

    Like · Reply · 8 mins

    Erik Kulick Sure, but harassment isn’t a public right, Juliana. Thanks for playing…?

    Why did you get Elize to write that damn article anyway? Do you not know how to do research, or are you a coward who refuses to admit when they’re wrong, especially if it means looking bad in front of your little clique? Either way, sounds like you’ve got some changes to make if you want to feel qualified to spend your time trolling people and taking shit about them.

    Kelen Kaiser Erik Kulick: Complains about people who don’t use Facebook privacy controls, then complains about other people when he doesn’t use Facebook privacy controls.
    Like · Reply · 1 · 5 mins

    Erik Kulick Kelen Kaiser Are you struggling this hard to understand differences, Kelen? Tagging a person to ensure that you minimize the frequency that you talk behind people’s backs is most certainly not the same as getting a bunch of your fellow students/friends to repeatedly harass another student, even after that student repeatedly informed those students that he finds their obviously demeaning comments as offensive contact amounting to harassment.

    Like · Reply · 5 mins
    Erik Kulick
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    Erik Kulick
    Write a comment…

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