Mormon Pride 2013Welcome! Let me suggest reading the whole page first before clicking any links:

I hope the LDS corp still stands behind their endorsement of me and overturns my excommunication where I was assaulted and “banned” me from all contact with “their” leaders and access to “their” property! This all began after I posted copies of the 95 LDS Theses on all their local meetinghouses, my less than glowing review of their doctrinal practices in the LDS Epistles which I delivered to “Apostle” Cook after an LDS regional conference, my creation of the ‘Cross Dress to Church Day‘ event and fan page in response to death threats received by others for organizing Wear Pants to Church Day, and my cross-dressing to Fast & Testimony meetings and other services, especially since I currently have the most important legal argument EVER in the SCOTUS docket as a result!!! After all, it WAS the LDS corp which sent Eyring and Faust, two of the highest ranked leaders in the organization to publicly reprimand the local leaders and appoint new ones after my friend and I took a trip to Utah to inform the leaders about disparities in the way things were being handled at the disciplinary level in our communities. It would be a shame for the organization to miss out on the opportunity to set a thoughtful example for its members by pondering the plight of the marginalized and underrepresented and working toward giving them a voice and a hand, especially since they’ve also helped influence my wife to abduct our kids and return to UT (my pro se Appellate Brief is found here). The local Citizen’s Police Review Board found that it was the lack of police policy that initially allowed such harm to befall me when I simply showed up early to the “Court of Love” they invited me to and refused to leave until tried.

I was also cited and issued a 30-day exclusion from downtown Salem for publicly smoking my medical cannabis. I was then harassed a few days later by the same officer for being downtown whilst I appeal the exclusion (something that the unconstitutional exclusion that Officer Galusha gave me explicitly allows), so I made sure to educate him on the issue. I was then left alone by Salem PD to publicly consume cannabis for OVER 2 YEARS before they harassed me DAYS before the solar eclipse to blatantly try to censor me. The next day they returned to arrest me for not having ID on me, even though they were able to positively identify me independently. Thankfully the sheriff who released me COMMENDED me for my work! The crucial cannabis trial for this discrimination by the police is set for February 13th, 2017. My lawyer and I both submitted separate motions to dismiss, and we will both be arguing them in court!

I’ve enjoyed most of my visits to the various religious services I’ve attended and look forward to cross-dressing to every service I can find as I continue advocating for the underdog and critical thought. In just one year, I wore through 8 pair of Merrell shoes along with 50 of the 125 lbs. that I’ve lost while emulating the Nazarene. My time engaging with the community has even garnered the attention of the school paper where I attended law school. Unfortunately, some of my fellow students decided to slander me while abusing the Willamette University disciplinary process, all thanks to this thread from a Facebook group set up for Willamette Collegian writers and editors, past and present. Nevertheless, my life remains devoted to standing for the underdog and critical thought, no matter how unpopular it may sometimes be. The school has officially kicked me out after implementing a smoking ban intended to catch me burning my medical ganja on campus. This was in order to have an additional pretense to expel me for the heat being directed at them by the Office of Civil Rights, as I was permitted to consume it on campus until the day I told a school group organized to discuss the Romney vs. Obama election race that both candidates were EQUALLY unacceptable.

In addition to having commenced these lawsuits against the LDS corp, the law enforcement agents they sent to assault me in their individual capacity, and Willamette University, I am also in the process of releasing an album called, ‘Hymns‘, under the moniker, ‘Jesus & the Angels.’ I look forward to sharing this beautiful, yet mostly unknown music with the world. ♥

We need a new political system or Constitutional amendments like these if we want to fix our government: The creation of a multiparty system, $0 campaign funding allowed, and a special jury duty to investigate and fix government every so often. Support leaders like me if you want representation or even a system willing to strive for real electoral reform!

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17 Responses to About

  1. janet taylor says:

    I support you 100%

  2. pawest says:

    Without conflict there is no change. If you get to Los Angeles I will attend with you any church you want to go to.

  3. thank you for making some very stuffy people think about what they are doing. Its great

    • emkulick says:

      Thank you, Gail! I’m glad that there are increasingly more folks out there who think critically about the world around them! Please spread the word so that I can make a real difference!

  4. I just followed you back on twitter.

    I’m in LA.



  5. Jalenew says:

    Amazing story, and I respect your tenacity in dealing with this I support you 100% If I wasn’t broke, I would donate. In the meantime, I will follow you ❤

  6. na says:

    God Bless bless God,



    “For God So Loved the world, He Gave His Only Son….”

  7. Dan Morgenstern says:

    it’s kind of a dicey thing to claim to have rights to smoke cannabis when it is still Federally illegal no matter WHAT any state law says. Just pointing that out.

    • emkulick says:

      There are rights that transcend unjust laws like the war on drugs. Regardless, the federal government generally does not enforce cannabis possession laws in small quantities. This has traditionally been a function of state law enforcement. The fact that there still is federal law contradicting the state law which has changed BECAUSE of research, should blow your mind. If the federal government is claiming that the only reason that they have not made t federally legal is LACK of research, then it’s clear this absence of info shows they never had a reason to make it illegal in the first place.

      • Daniel Morgenstern says:

        Well, no, actually it blows my mind knowing that states have enacted laws that make millions of people felons. You know you that you’re not allowed to buy or possess a firearm if you use MJ, no matter what your state law says? The right thing to do would have been a massive campaign to change Federal law.

      • emkulick says:

        This is what happens when folks ignore electoral fraud and other forms of wide spread corruption. Those in power should never be permitted to police themselves.

  8. McKenna Denson says:

    You’re a genius.

    • emkulick says:

      Thanks, McKenna! I’m glad folks are starting to see the value of my work. I can’t wait until I have enough attention to finally help make justice a reality!

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